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NYC CHEF (flexible to travel)

NYC CHEF (flexible to travel) A respectful, gracious and kind family requires a second Chef to provide the full meal coverage for the day. Your care will be offset by another Chef and alternate schedules accordingly. This is a "foodie" sort of family with a great passion for wonderful provisioning and sourcing always with a keen awareness toward organic, nutrient dense, healthy choices and exquisite plating in a refined manner of service. The household is a fully staffed properly run and finely appointed household although not stuffy or rigid authentic wonderful household that fully enjoys conviviality, gathering with family and friends and enjoying excellent quality meal prep and service. Saturdays are required within the schedule. On occasion travel to other destinations is required where you will be provided accommodations. This is a family of 5, a full staff team inclusive of Servers to assist the kitchen and fine appointments as regards all aspects of a beautiful table service. The schedule typically is split between morning shift for a week on and afternoon into evening shift for a week. We require 5 years' experience within private family service Verifiable references, and a background check will be conducted, a valid Driver's License

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