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This is a happy peaceful and loving family that fully engages the happiness factor of their children toward their contentment and greatest disposition - there is a set of twins in the mix. The base although it is in Miami will make travel plans to other destinations - the family wants consistency within the child care of their family so they will only entertain long term goals as a career objective and melding within the fabric of the family to mesh within their needs and know you are respected to be their extra special trusted person to take care of their absolute most precious loves. It is important that whomever fills this post realizes that it is a Full-Charge Nanny post of being an assistant to the Mother to ensure you fill in the blanks by going the extra distance to assist where you know it is required. Packing and unpacking, being organized, being creative and authentic within a changing environment of travel where you engage the children on a level of playful educational learning and teaching. This is an engaged participation as an active part of their household and family! It is important that both Nanny candidates are conversant in Spanish/English as this is going to be the second language of choice. Must have your valid Passport, valid US Work Authorization paperwork, Full CV-19 vaccination, a Driver's License is preferred. Excellent experience, excellent references and be willing to have a thorough background check.

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