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As the live-in Domestic Couple for this husband and wife you will be responsible for all the stocking and provisioning. They are looking for an awareness of Kosher sensibilities in every regard of keeping house, acknowledging the holidays, and kosher cooking and storage. The existing couple are retiring and you will be stepping into a very efficient running property along with extensive house manuals and all necessary vendors, contractors, purveyors and the information required to jump into being in place. The accommodations are wonderful and separate from the main home. The daily care will need to consider ocean exposure and minding all weather care inherent to the effects of salt water/air. The duties are hands on in the full capacity of running the property/grounds and overseeing the running of all matters of concern indoors inclusive of all housekeeping and laundry, cooking and shopping, dealing with vendors and contractors, maintenance and light handyman work to ensure systems are running smoothly and improvements and maintenance are cared for. The extended family expands to a much larger consideration for Holiday and events with adult children and grandchildren whereby the home becomes an active household from time to time. There is another property in Manhattan that you will be asked to travel to from time to time along with a Florida property to travel to and do pre-arrival prep to ensure all aspects are clean and ready, stocking of pantry and fridge, and freshening the household. This is a post that is looking to fill as soon as possible. Must be Work Authorized, former Domestic Couple experience, aware of the necessary care for a Kosher household in all aspects. Must have Smart-home, security awareness and excellent expereince and verifiable references. A thorough background check will be conducted.

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