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ZEN /YOGA, HOSPITALITY CHIEF OF STAFF / ESTATE MANAGER with travel. This is a big post for a gentle soul. We require a completely dedicated professional who is fully committed toward establishing a peaceful living space for the employer with mindfulness toward staff minimalism yet bring about perfect coverage without "want or lapse of care" in being preemptive toward fulfilling the daily needs. There are a good many moving parts so you will need to be masterful in how you go about your day managing just enough staff for your team but not too many and certainly not intrusive in how the family live their very private lives. For the greater part of this upcoming year the family will be based at their property in Florida. Please ensure you have the ability to travel between properties both domestic and internationally and be seamless within setting standards of service and care. It will be important that you are fully aware of green technology, and value all sustainable construction and understand highly technical facilities and systems. You will be responsible for setting your team of support professionals to make the day go smoothly. There is an emphasis on minimal intrusion of staff within the estates...staff that is very measured, on-point, positive outlook and enthusiasm for their day/ a true gift of caring to be of service within this capacity to support your employer in a calm trusted way. Must be accountable, honest and intellectually precise toward problem solving and being able to bring cohesion to a diverse grouping of properties and make sense of all household functions. It is essential that you are unflappable and enjoy a home with children. This is an active, highly engaged family that loves outdoor sports, nature and being together - welcoming their loved ones into their home always. Former experience within multi-location properties, excellent references, thorough background review. Valid Passport and a complete ability to travel as the post dictates.

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