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LIVE-IN HOUSE COUPLE – KOSHER HOUSEHOLD - FORMAL CHEF TRAINING a PLUS This busy family requires a Live-in House Couple who is fully capable of excellent cooking/meal preparation (Kosher knowledge required) along with all housekeeping, care of indoor/outdoor areas, laundry and making beds, driving as needed and being the "go-to" support to their busy life in caring for all errands and maintenance as well. Formal Culinary training ability to drive and care for vehicles Maintenance and care both indoor and outdoor - your knowledge of light plumbing, painting and light electrical is a plus All sourcing, stocking and ordering of supplies Technically savvy and computer/smart tech knowledge All laundry, ironing, bed making, closet and wardrobe care - Housekeeping Must have impeccable references and a great work ethic. The accommodation is a new apartment above the garage with a kitchenette. Culinary training with Kosher sensibility is required. You will be responsible for all aspects of care for this busy family to mind their property in the New Jersey, Manhattan and Florida locations. You will be required to travel between the households to ensure that each location is fully stocked and clean and that everything is in working order and guest-ready. There is a broad spectrum of duties that involve both indoor and outdoor oversight. You will need to drive and become familiar with the local vendors and shops, errands and shopping and provide light cooking of family-style meals. You will be responsible to monitor the various vendors which may be needed from time to time to ensure they are scheduled, that they perform the repairs and that mechanically and technically things are running smoothly. Must know security systems/smart-home tech and make certain you confidentially care for this beautiful family. It is a big job and there are certainly going to be busy times with all family around during holidays and summer time...otherwise it is caring for only the husband and the wife in their day to day needs and ensuring the day runs smoothly.

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