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SEASONAL WEEKEND HAMPTONS CHEF Beginning as soon as possible - this small family is looking for an excellent, refined and experienced chef to provide beautifully plated, well-thought out meals of Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner each weekend from now until September Labor Day. During the last two weeks of August into September Labor Day the request will be providing your care each day as they expect one adult child to visit. As "foodies", they have a real love for the local farm fresh/Farm-to-Table, organic, really beautiful preparations that are nutrient dense yet light and full of flavor. You will be required to be the completely responsible person to plan menus, shop/provision, prepare and serve - they are literally going to keep it quiet without plans for any large gatherings or entertaining but rather seeing their weekend at their home as a complete respite to recharge for their busy work weeks. There is weekend accommodation on the property. Verifiable references and knowledge of the Hamptons vendors and markets. A love for what you do.

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