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NYC & HAMPTON, HANDS-ON, HOUSE MANAGER This is an active household looking for a hands-on House Manager/Family Assistant who is flexible and adaptable to care for the family within the family's busy days. There are a lot of activities with three teens and daily requirements from stocking and errands, receiving packages, shopping and pitching in during the day to ensure full cleanliness and things are set to order in a highly organized way. There is a pet dog, there are walking duties required along with all the necessary care for the family pet - please be apprised of this if you are allergic. Your care will include driving on occasion and ensuring the car(s) are fueled, maintained and clean. You may be asked on occasion to drive out to the Hamptons or to drive the Mrs during her day if she has errands and the children with their activities. Duties will include computer work - ordering and stocking of supplies, ensuring maintenance and service checks are completed in a timely manner Hands on pitching in care of housekeeping, driving, overseeing maintenance/vendors, pet care and being able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the family. MUST WORK SATURDAY'S Looking for 5+ years former experience and verifiable references - a thorough background check will be conducted.

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