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TRAVELING NEWBORN BABY NANNY -NYC This is a beautiful post for a very experienced discreet professional who is completely comfortable and at ease within the trusted care of a new born. No special needs care required but that of being attentive and ensuring you mesh with the new Mother and Baby to accommodate schedules and full watchful care. This is a private travel, traveling post so a valid passport and the full capacity to travel and live in on a rotating schedule of 4/5 days on and 4/5 days off in a rota with another Baby Nanny. All aspects of complete care with 5+ years' experience within a prominent family. Must have Newborn Nanny Certification Ability to be on call within your designated overnight shift Experience with reinforcing the established feed and sleeping patterns Support the Mother in her care of her baby Proper bathing and cleaning care Changing diapers and bedding Minding any skin reactions of reflux and knowing the care required to optimize baby's comfort CPR Newborn First Aid Pack supplies and clothing/ clothing care for travel Sterilize and attentive to optimum hygiene This is a very active and energized family that is on the go. Please consider this within your candidacy as the post will call upon you to be flexible and adaptable and accommodating in a resourceful manner of knowing your trusted skills so well that you are completely comfortable in a multitude of environments to maintain a calm manner about your highly valued care. Must have verifiable references with family's for their newborn care, valid passpost, ability to travel freely, a thorough background check will be conducted.

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