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A magnificent Manhattan townhouse, appointed with the finest state-of-the-art technology, all up to date mechanicals and luxury operating systems requires a refined and energetic House Couple to live in and bring their excellent experience and skills to ensure an overall wellbeing. The caliber of service is 5-star exclusive and top-drawer on every level. There is a team of staff, each responsible for delivering 100% in being of service toward their duties and as respectful team members - readily able to cross over within their hands on care to ensure seamless operations. You will be required to oversee the day to day safe operations of this beautiful home filled with the finest appointments and always active and busy with much going on. The balance of duties will require formal and informal table service, hands-on housekeeping and hands-on mechanical and technical oversight/troubleshooting and knowing when to call in the service contractors. This is a 24-7 live in post, you are required to spend each night at the household but for your vacation. For this requirement you must carefully determine that it fits with your lifestyle as it is asked that you are the daily stewards of this property to ensure it is running smoothly, receive packages and monitor the intricate systems, housekeeping and laundry, care of all fine appointments from art to antiques, rare items and beautiful linens and couture wardrobe. The days and the demands vary upon the actitivies of the principals - it is essential that you feel energetically engaged to jump into the day. Please give this your discussion to ensure, as a couple, that you feel committed to the task of living within this property and dedicating yourself to the daily oversight. You will report to the House Manager and be part of a full team of housekeepers, chef, security, driver and servers. Five years of excellent experience with verifiable references - an intensive background check will be conducted. Full hands on experience with housekeeping and laundry duties, table service and maintenance and mechanical knowledge. During Covid the requirement for everyone's safety is calling upon a stringent awareness of cleanliness and deep cleaning and being prepared to stay in a lockdown mode should there be a call for this. We look forward to speaking with you further and receiving your resume.

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