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This is a beautiful family looking for an excellent trusted Nanny to care for their two young infant children. This is an active engaged family with homes in multiple locations. Your responsibilities will be ensuring the day runs smoothly in all aspects relative to the children in packing and unpacking, laundry and maintaining a tidy environment for the children, ensuring their safely and wellbeing, creative playtime and performing light cooking for their meals - setting the table and cleaning up. Scheduling and making playdates, medical appointments and keeping up on their advancements along with drive to and from school and designated activities. Must be fully flexible to travel and love being on the go and engaging your charges in learning experiences along the way. Looking for an experienced professional with 5 years of experience Asking that you have a Bachelor's Degree and certifications for CPR, Infant Health and First Aid, along with verifiable references. Ability to drive and hold a valid passport. A thorough background check will be conducted. Full spectrum and current vaccination profile please.

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