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This is a post which requires you be highly organized, detail oriented and have the ability to prioritize requests so you are able to ensure you can complete tasks in a timely manner at an elevated level of expectations. The choices you will be making will be reflective of your employer and family - NYC experience within a sophisticated estate will assist you toward liaising with various vendors, accomplishing tasks, purchasing gifts and following up with cards and special touches that represent the wishes of the family. It is essential that you are fully familiar with QUICKBOOKS for all bill paying and keeping track of expenses for various properties. The Estate Managers and Assistants will send you a multitude of invoices and payment requests so it is imperative to your success and comfort within the post that you have the ability to be fully adept with all data input and management within QB. At various times you will be required to organize flights & hotels for staff members along with vendor interaction and management when it comes to events and party planning and construction and maintenance. Must have a true interest in travel, restaurants, cultural interests, designers and architects on both coasts and the ability to finesse reservations and sort complex travel arrangements when necessary. This is a true right arm post to the existing Operations Manager for the Family Office. We are looking for a professional with a great connection to follow-through, preparedness in advance of the need arising, an interest to understand the employer so you step into the manner/style of their expectations, a true interest toward generating a completed perfected work product and an ability to retain important relative and pertinent information. You will be seen as the person who has to be steps ahead of your direct-report and of course interact with the family members and their team of trusted professionals. It will be best if you have worked within a Family Office before and been involved with the oftentimes fast paced, energetic, hectic and at times demanding schedule. Excellent mathematical aptitude, resourcefulness, 5 years direct experience and fully familiar with NYC and the Hampton's. A thorough background report will be conducted along with verifiable references.

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