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This small elegant family requires a Butler to prepare the table for meals, attention to all finery and caring for the various items that are delicate and fragile that require special handling, serve and clear the meal. As there will be travel involved it is important that you are prepared and flexible to be at a different location from time to time. Your ability to travel with the family is imperative to the post so know this at the onset please. The shift we will be filling is responsible for breakfast and setting up for lunch when you will switch off with the late shift person. Liaise with the Chef toward all necessary plating for his planned menu to know what he will require. Be attentive toward all aspects of beverage and meal service. Have the ability to warmly welcome guests and business associates to ensure their comfort - taking their coat and beverage service. You will also be required to perform inventory, maintain and organize all aspects important to service; china, plating, glassware, candelabras, ambiance articles such as candles and floral arrangements/vases, special decorations, linens and all proper storage. It will be important to be experienced in both formal and informal service. Valid Driver's license required please. A background check will be conducted along with verifiable referencing.

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