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(July 1st - November 30th) LIVE OUT An elegant small family requires the assistance of a Butler who has the ability to perform hands on light duties to ensure aspects of their home are buttoned-up. The family is not wishing to have a lot of staff at this time and, as a consequence, they realize they are asking for double duties toward streamlining the daily operations. They are looking for a flexible professional. This post begins as a Seasonal Summer position but may in fact morph into a year-round situation (with travel) if the experience and match feels like a good fit. The family has a quiet life with a young child. They have additional properties throughout the world - should this evolve into a full time scenario you must be free to travel internationally. Formal table service, working with the Chef to coordinate meals and make all necessary table settings Care of China, crystal, glassware Linen care, ambiance, floral/candles Meet and greet guests, all hospitality mindedness toward accommodating guests and business associates Must have an impeccable background, command of Spanish a plus, valid Drivers As a "plus plus" - if you play tennis well the principal would incorporate a daily match into your duties. Must be expereinced within an UHNW family and certainly relative experience butling.

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