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This is one of the most notable properties with leading technology and mechanicals not to mention the attention to refined appointments by a leading architect and designer - it is a beautiful home and requires a knowledgeable professional fully apprised in all aspects of running a promienent 5-Star townhouse. The position oversees and manages all housekeeping staff, contractors and vendors. RESPONSIBILITIES: Manage the staging/packing/unpacking of all deliveries, once logged into tracking system. Manage housekeeping staff schedules and calendars with oversight on the adult children's apartments. Oversee and facilitate residence maintenance projects. Provide 24/7 on-call support and assistance; Resolving issues related to service, comfort, vehicles, home technology, gym equipment, HVAC, IT, lighting, etc. Overseeing and maintaining household supply inventories. DUTIES: Conducting staff intake including recruiting, interviewing, hiring of housekeeping staff. Oversee and manage all aspects of housekeeping staff duties and provide hands-on training. Set staff schedules, rotations and monitor staff hours. Work closely with Chef and Personal Assistant, as well as the principals' managers and staff at their secondary residences. Oversee formal service and formal table settings. Organize and manage all aspects of household kitchen; assist chef as needed. Plan and implement holidays and special events; catering, table design, floral arrangements, formal service protocols. Manage stocking and inventory of primary residence and that of the children's residences. Manage household maintenance schedules and cleaning protocols. Responsible for the care of priceless art and antiques; make sure all household equipment is operational and up to date; silver care; all care of fine china, crystal. Oversee laundry requirements; outside dry cleaning for linens etc. Special care for making beds, valuable linens, organizing cabinets and closets. Ensure that every aspect of the household is always clean and guest ready¬Ě. Liaise with Owner representative and Family office regarding updates on construction, billing process, staffing issues. Survey the residence each morning for leaks and structural damages delegate to Staff. Manage all vendors relationships, including building staff: Providing access and monitoring of vendors while at residence. Household errands. JOB REQUIREMENTS: Preference for local candidates in the NYC area. Prefer at least 5 years' experience managing a luxury home. Experienced in managing a team of staff. Must be flexible with work schedule, i.e. able to work long hours from time to time, weekends and holidays as needed. Must be willing to travel occasionally to principals' other homes to assist as requested. Must be tech-savvy. Must have longevity in past positions with verifiable references. Excellent written/verbal communication skills. Professional and service-oriented attitude. Experienced with caring for museum quality art. Wine knowledge a plus. Knowledge of formal dining service. Comfortable with two small dogs. Self-motivator and self-starter. Legal to work in the U.S. with valid driver's license & clean driving record; There will be a comprehensive background check Must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement

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