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This family-centric family is NYC based but travels to their home in the Hamptons for the summer and also 6-8 weeks in Malibu. The employer is a husband and wife who describe themselves as total "FOODIES" who enjoy the opportunity to be together particularly each weekend to catch up with grandchildren over mealtime. They have diverse tastes from a love of Ottolenghi influence grains and greens to great fish, steak, burger and even pizza dinners and entertaining the entire family. They like a family-style buffet abbondanza of offerings that range in diverse flavors, proteins and greens and satisfy all tastes. In the summer in the Hampton's it is busy and fun and ever changing - they want a professional who is flexible and loves to see the family enjoying themselves and being in the spirit of sharing and the conviviality of the season. You must be free to travel to the other property and be fully flexible to live on the property as needed. This is a wonderful family that is looking for a similar minded professional who doesn't mind if the grandchildren run into the kitchen and the find great enjoyment from being in the center of the household, the kitchen. They want whomever fills this roll to be part of their family for a long time.

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