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This highly visible family is very particular that their staff is mindful and discreet - monitoring all aspects of daily care with a mindfulness toward confidentiality and preserving their privacy at all times. Looking for a new long term addition to their family - a special someone who will stay for a long while and mesh within the daily fabric of the family. The current person has sadly decided to retire after many years of trusted cherished service and truly being incorporated within the family. Ideally looking for an energetic, vigilant and attentive professional career Nanny who loves their chosen career path and is ready to hop into a fast-paced lifestyle to fully augment the needs of this active, on-the-go family in caring for the children in every capacity of mentoring and guiding them in social engagements and growing into well-mannered, directed young children. Healthy Cooking is required for the children and family - the family enjoys their meals together in a casual healthy and organic setting whenever possible. The team of staff is very specific in their duties yet small so as to preserve the integrity and privacy in minimizing the addition of extra people around the family. They are down to earth and as organic in their daily requirements as they are in the way they conduct their life. Healthy Organic ! Their interests are in the equestrian realm - Jumpers. So ideally a professional familiar within this realm to best augment the needs would be seen as a true plus. French has been the second language spoken and taught to the children - Your ability to speak French will be a great skills the children will appreciate as they are keenly into conversing in French. Familiarity with ensuring the remote schooling needs and liaising with lessons and ensuring homework & assignments are completed. Must be technical and IT savvy. The online lessons are with ZOOM. Liaising with Teachers and Tutors. Creating a highly organized space and tidy environment for the children please - ensuring the lessons toward maintaining a clean and orderly personal space are instilled in the daily chores of the children. Ability to order supplies and monitor the needs of the children. Packing and unpacking. Being available to the children as they need to provide support and reassurance and to instill great values in keeping with the doting parents who are actively engaged in the daily interaction of their children. Must have verifiable HNW Family references A full intensive background will be conducted Must be active and energetic Familiar with the Equestrian Jumper training would be great A love of healthy/organic cooking Ability to be tech savvy Interested in activities, art + culture, educational disciplines Love to travel and free to travel as needed whenever needed without limitation We look forward to meeting you!

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