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With a flair of renown Chef Ottolenghi along with a Mediterranean and Indian influence of clean fresh organic ingredients bursting with flavor and nutrition this self-described "foodie -family" is enthused to welcome a truly creative talent to be their next long term professional. This is a family of five and staff of 4 - your duties will be to prepare daily lunch and dinner offerings along with staff-meal. The family enjoys the use of exotic spices and herbs to enhance the freshest of ingredients. The focus is on a well-rounded, full-compliment main course inclusive of grains, proteins, vegetables and a touch of sweetness for dessert (but, they do not have a sweet tooth and this is more of a small finale to their meal) It is important to be creative within your repertoire and always mixing it up with the weekly offerings. This is a gentle kind family that is looking for a long term addition to their team who will complement the daily running operations. Looking for a talented, experienced professional who is ultra-fastidious in work ethic and overall interest in running a clean happy kitchen. Plating images will be requested as will recommendations and a solid level of experience.

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