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LIVE-IN HOUSE COUPLE - This is a beautiful property and home finely appointed and renovated to a true showcase level of appointments. Looking for a trusted couple to live in and on the property in a newly renovated staff wing to be an all encompassing couple caring for the daily care of this family that visits on weekends and on occasion through the week. Duties include Care of housekeeping and laundry, changing beds and caring for all daily and seasonal deep cleaning Cooking and provisioning, stocking and inventory care Planning menu, serving and clean-up Maintenance of indoor and outdoor space Snow removal Possibly care and input into organic garden Driving on occasion - picking up guests at the train station Care of the vehicles Care of a "house Dog", he is pretty good on his own around the grounds but will need to feed and check-up for vet Meet & greet guest, weekend guest and dinner guests You will be on your own a great deal of the time so it will be necessary to be self-motivated and have a daily plan to ensure overall care and always maintain a guest-ready preparedness and cleanliness. The area is beautiful with a great quality of life.

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