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Live-in Housekeeper/Mother's Help Requirements: -Must be able to live in from Sunday (5-6pm) - Friday (5-6pm); off on weekends -Must be able to travel with the family, domestic & international, including weekends & on school breaks. -Must enjoy the countryside & the beach for when the family goes traveling -Must have at least 5 years of experience working with school aged kids, including live-in experience and housekeeping experience -Excellent housekeeping skills -Good communication skills -Team player -US Citizen, preferred; must be legal to work in US -ideal age between 30-50 -Must love dogs! Responsibilities include, but not limited to the following: -care for 9-yr old boy; getting the child ready for school (older child is 16 and is only home on school breaks) -breakfast preparation for the family & occasional dinner for the child when the chef is off -school & extra-curricular activities drop offs and pick ups -organize after school classes, playdates & birthday parties; schedule doctors' appointments -cleaning of kids bedrooms, bathrooms & play areas -kids laundry & ironing -miscellaneous errands for the kids, household & parents -taking charge in organizing kids closets & playroom -packing & unpacking for kids when they travel -shopping for kids shoes & clothes -provide help to the head housekeeper as needed Private bedroom with bathroom provided Hours are determined by the child's schedule. Your day starts when the child is up in the morning, until bedtime. Breaks are given during the day (approx 2 hrs daily). One night off after 7:30pm, and back by 11:30pm

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