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FAMILY OFFICE - LUXURY TRAVEL ASSOCIATE w/ CONCUR PROGRAM USAGE This truly elegant, highly sophisticated couple requires a right arm attache to uphold all their extensive complex travel plans both Internationally and Domestic in various modes of transport; private or commercial. must have the full flexibility to work on different time zones as needed and bring the best top level care to your ability to create the exclusive luxe travel component with a real WOW-factor that imparts a one of a kind or uniquely special experience. Your understanding of the rare destinations sights, restaurants, design & fashion, art and cultural events is key to your compliment to this role. Must know the program - CONCUR, seamlessly with the ability to perform all reconciliation and liaise with all professional counterparts to enact the seamless, stress-free and memorable experience within the travel experience. There will be hectic re-configuring of flights to amend plans at a moments notice. You have to be fully engaged and able to perform all the duties required to be the trusted right arm facilitator of all aspects concerning their full travel requirements. You will have access to top tier exclusive travel agents as an outside vendor as needed but will be looked at to provide much of this of your own capable prowess and assurances. Fully knowledgeable in CONCUR Fully knowledgeable with experience in QUICKBOOKS Top level experience within luxury brands, Spas, Hotels & Resorts, cultural events and all aspects of providing exclusive concierge overview.

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