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Butler/House Manager Position Description: This position reports to the Director of Properties (DOP). This unique position is a hybrid role encompassing work in the following categories: chief steward, butler, house management. The Butler/House Manager travels to various properties and destinations where the family is staying and works from these locations. At these various properties and destinations, the Butler/House Manager is responsible for: (i) maintaining a clean, organized, and meticulous home and ensuring that the home, logistics, and operations are running smoothly (ii) meal service and packing/wardrobe (iii) real time implementation of principal's requests for all of the principal's personal needs and comforts and (iv) supervision of housekeepers. This unique position will interface directly with the principals and continuously with the DOP, principal's assistants, and family office to coordinate logistics or topics that involve home and office. Service and Chief Steward Responsibilities: • Meal service: provide meal set-up, serve meals (formal and informal), and bartending services for family and guests • Ensure that each residence has a consistent feel and that the housekeepers and seasonal staff understand the principal's preferences • Ensure that homes are properly prepared and ready for the principal's arrival; home should be meticulous and in working order prior to principal's arrival • Coordinate seasonal moves to other properties and ensure easy transitions between residences for both family and staff • Oversee wardrobe maintenance and inventory of loan items • Pack principal's clothing and personal items and send in most efficient manner to destination prior to their arrival • Create and maintain electronic packing inventory for each trip so it's quick and easy to retrieve and review the items that were sent • Unpack clothing and personal items and place items in the appropriate place for principal's comfort • Source unique gifts for gift program and ensure gift is presented/wrapped in thoughtful manner • Provide personal and concierge services to guests and support for activities/events • Oversee and manage guest arrivals/departures including special requests, food, etc. • Events: Butler/House Manager will lead event execution and work closely with Principal's Personal Assistant and principal on organizing/executing events o Review and comprehensively understand all aspects of the event; complete Event sheet and share with team o Oversee: food and beverage, table setting/service, décor, flowers, rentals o Coordinate additional staff and/or vendors as required o Supervise set-up and ensure smooth running of the event including temperature, lighting, music, talent/guest speakers o Act as point of contact for event Butler/House Manager Responsibilities: • Daily survey of the home and the interiors of all the dwellings • Develop and maintain an interior cleaning schedule for regular and deep cleaning for all properties • Supervise the quality of housekeeper's work and conduct daily inspection of interiors • Assist the housekeepers with specialty cleaning or household projects • Train housekeepers to implement the highest of standards at all residences and on cleaning procedures • Ensure that each residence is stocked with the principal's desired toiletries, personal items, cleaning products or anything requested by the principal • Oversee inventory of household items, personal products, office supplies, linen closets and ensure all inventories are organized and current; maintain electronic inventory • Manage online accounts, i.e. Amazon, etc. • Organize storage areas and maintain inventory • Shop for household items and run errands • Advise all interior staff on upcoming household activities including events, guests, and timing of particular activities so house operations can run as smoothly as possible • Represent principals in gracious manner when interacting with vendors, answering the phones and doors, taking messages, and receiving deliveries • Create floral arrangements and installation of seasonal/holiday décor • Oversee the care of the dog • Oversee exercise/activity equipment: maintenance, inventory, kite equipment, hunting bows, bicycles • Lead staff briefings and provide orientation for staff new to a property on topics like: safety, emergency contacts, calling procedures, location of fire extinguishers, tour of home and dwellings, alarms, home systems, etc. • Participate in interviewing new staff when requested by COO

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