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Groundskeeper will be responsible for the care and maintenance of a multi-acre property, including all land, shrubbery, gardens, yards, driveways and walkways of the farm/estate. Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities • Have general groundskeeper experience • Knowledge of vegetable gardens, organics, herbaceous settings • Knowledge of livestock (specifically cows/goats/chickens) • Knowledge of woodlands, ponds, swimming pools • Driving machinery and heavy vehicles is essential • Groundskeeper needs to know how to use tools, such as axes, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, saws, hammers, hoes, spades, edgers, chainsaws, tractors, hedge clippers, shovels, pruners, shears and/or hoses. Groundskeeper's Range of Responsibilities • Care, maintenance and inventory of the machinery used • Provide routine landscape maintenance such as mowing and cutting lawns; doing gardening tasks; trimming and/or pruning trees and bushes; water trees and shrubs; plant grass, trees and shrubs • May build, maintain or repair fences • Scheduling of third party vendors to perform maintenance and repairs throughout property and buildings • Supervise cleaning and maintenance of pool • Perform regular walk through of property to assess issues/needs as they arise • Plow property and apply salt on driveways and walkways after it snows; remove leaves from walkways and other areas

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