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NYC LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER, LIGHT COOKING This extremely high-profile, museum quality appointed household requires an astute and highly knowledgeable Housekeeper to live-in and be present at the household to oversee the care of all aspects of cleanliness along with the very capable housekeeping team - there are 3 housekeepers who work various shifts to provide round the clock coverage. You will be asked to live in and be available with overtime consideration to answer calls, respond to the door, receive packages and ensure the proper notification of deliveries, oversee the household to ensure there isn't anything needing maintenance and special attention, provide light cooking (there is a Chef) and also perform the housekeeping and laundry duties as needed. Your duties may include the care and walking/feeding of a small dog on occasion. The household is fully staffed - they require a person to perform the evening oversight and care and stay present within the household to ensure everything is running smoothly into the evening. On your days off you will return to sleep at the home. Looking for a capable and discerning professional fully engaged within the total care of the property and knowing smart-home technology and reading of the various monitors of humidity control, alarms and security, lights and other controls. being mindful of the proper care of beautiful furnishings and art/sculptures and being responsible to oversee the smooth running operations.

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