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ADMINISTRATIVE COMMUNICATION/ MAIL ORGANIZER - NYC This is an important post we do not get calls for very often but requires a specific much-appreciated and highly sought after skill for an acutely attentive, discerning and well-organized professional who is fully adept at accurately allocating all incoming physical mail, packages and shipments along with electronic communications and various general mailbox inquiries. You will be asked to coordinate with all incoming and outgoing packages and Special Delivery items, log incoming special carrier items and ensure their timely and accurate delivery. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills Total discretion and confidentiality Efficient, logical, high-organized and thorough Great at setting up a system for yourself that works consistently without lapses Able to follow direction and instruction Must have excellent technical abilities & computer skills Able to prioritize and establish a system to your day Former experience as an administrative assistant within a high-profile and fast-paced finance company is favorable. ** Excelling within this role will open up potential opportunity to grow within the company and advance your career pursuits.**

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