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ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT - TRAVEL & LOGISTICS COORDINATOR - NYC This fast paced Family Office requires an administrative assistant to coordinate with the Executive Travel Coordinator to ensure all the complex scheduling and travel needs are attentively fulfilled for the principals. Within your post you will be responsible for relaying precise and specific details to the Executive Travel team for their scheduling. You must be well versed in various travel booking programs inclusive of Concur and have former experience within the coordination of details and needs for an UHNW employer. Your overview will cover ground travel coordination, security, private and commercial jet and helicopter travel, hotels/spas/retreats in addition to all aspects relative to luxury tier enjoyment. Your skills as a master coordinator who is highly organized in calendar/event scheduling and ensuring the support teams to each and every step is secured is essential for the success of your required duties and the overall security of the principals.. Candidates must exhibit a solid background in right arm support utilizing the Concur system to book and confirm flights and travel arrangements. Additionally, must be confident in the reconciliation of travel expenses and work toward compiling the T&E Reports for the Accounting Staff.. The office has a very helpful and energetic culture that thrives on being fully accommodating and supportive of the principals and family toward their full comfort and well-being.

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