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LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER/ LAUNDRESS/ WARDROBE care for prominent fashion house CEO. This very spacious open loft is beautifully appointed with clean lines, stone and marble with lots of light flooding in. This extremely busy fashion executive requires a live-in person to be her behind the scenes housekeeper with a true affinity for attention to detail and maintaining an ultra-clean impeccable household that is always guest ready. Looking for an experienced knowledgeable professional who maintains a perfect wardrobe, knows the care of fine garments for separating for laundry and dry-cleaning, readying the household for international guests, cleaning of bathrooms and ensuring the pantry, bar, fridge are all fully stocked. Receiving packages and deliveries, flower arranging, making beautiful beds, using a rotary iron for sheets, having a specific sense of what needs care and to understand how it is best cared for in keeping with your employer is very important. Interacting with the Doorman and the Maintenance team for the building to ensure they make repairs and change bulbs. All of the surfaces within the large space require special care and attention to ensure they are cleaned correctly and dust free. Asking that you run errands and essentially be available to make the day run smoothly.

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