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OFFICE MANAGER/ADMIN ASSISTANT in a FAMILY OFFICE This bustling international Family Office requires an Administrative Assistant/Personal Assistant/Office Manager to support the key C-level team in all aspects to ensure important guests are cared for, plan meetings and schedule appointments and all follow-up documentation for preparation for meetings, facilitating complex conference calls, monitoring all stocking and supplies, running discreet errands and coordinating all food service for the conference rooms. Additionally, you will maintain all in-coming parcel logs along with filing/correspondence, billing and running cost and prepare correspondence. Although there are Assistants who would be ahead of you should the principal need something you are asked to be available to respond on a 24/7 outreach in the event of an urgent matter. This is a rapidly growing company that is involved in philanthropic matters internationally and looking for a key person at this time who is readily available to ensure the growth and running operations go smoothly.

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