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NYC - LIVE IN - HOUSE MANAGER/HOUSEKEEPER/COOK/FACILITY This exquisite museum quality property requires a live-in person to be a bit of everything to oversee and care for the smooth running of a beautiful Townhouse. There is a FULL staff team to more than adequately care for the daily operations but the home and employer requires a person who can fill in on a broad spectrum of needs in a live-in capacity of caring to see that all systems run smoothly. You receive overtime consideration after 44 hours per week which as a live-in person will add up. The duties will be to ensure there are no leaks,care for the alarm if it goes off, walk the dog, perform light cleaning although there is a full team of housekeepers, assist with table service as needed and be the eyes and ears of the household when the live out staff are not at the property. This being said, you step into a multitude of positions during your being at the house. Light cooking is required as needed should there be a request for something light before the chef arrives. It is really placing yourself in the role of wearing many hats and being good at a cross section of duties to provide the level of care that is required. The household is at a level of exclusive decorative items that require absolute care and respect in being mindful around them. Through summer you may be asked to travel to the Hampton's compound but more than likely you will stay at the NYC residence to care and oversee the property.

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