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NYC LIVE-OUT HOUSE COUPLE w/ TRAVEL - looking for a top notch, excellently skilled couple who bring their top tier high-end standards of delivering the best level of service and care to their job performance. Your oversight will be both managerial as well as hands-on in task fulfillment. You will be required to travel to various locations. You must live out and this job requires late nights on occasion so you must readily be able to get to and from the home on the UES. You will also be expected to know NYC intimately with excellent resources and vendor contacts and understanding of navigating the detailed requirements of a NYC building. Must have strong computer skills and be tech savvy, with full working knowledge of Smart-home tech and ability to trouble-shoot and work with system technicians to remedy any glitches. You will be required to generate reports, add to the House Manual to keep current. Also will need to ensure the internet, security systems, theater systems, humidity monitoring, HVAC are in good working order - liaise with contractors and vendors to ensure upkeep and smooth working order, warranties/service contracts etc. Requiring a bright happy and energized couple who each possess equal great strengths as a team to readily and seamlessly fulfill their required duties. The days will be full and fast-paced and as much as the household is relatively informal it will be expected that you deliver a level of formality to performing daily chores. The family is with grown active children all with their own personal pursuits but convene as a family at any given time which requires that all areas of the household be guest/family-ready always. Along with the attention to detail and impeccable care of valuable appointments you will be required to perform laundry duties, changing of linens, ensuring bathrooms are always pristine clean. Wardrobe care, ironing/pressing and steaming and the rotation of seasonal garments/closet & drawer care. rotate mattresses and ensure refreshing of bed linens daily. All stocking and supply ordering. Purchase items online as necessary and needed. Personal shopping and discreet errands and maintain topped up levels of preferred items so always available and maintain a running inventory for this as well. Required will be attention to detail and impeccable cleaning and maintenance care. The rotation of cleaning scheduling for task completion to ensure overall cleanliness on a deep cleaning level will be mandatory along with working with the team of household staff of which there are housekeepers, chef and personal assistant. Dinner service will be coordinated with the chef to ensure the proper setting of the table and preparation for service/guests. Driving is key also to the principals. Full knowledge of NYC and area, certainly familiar with all key destination points such as airports, theater, knowledge of getting around NYC readily. Maintenance and upkeep of cars, garaging them, ensure clean and detailed inside and out along with scheduling regular maintenance care with insurance renewals. It is key that maintenance care and housekeeping care be of great strength. Also too, your ability to drive, meet & greet guests and family, technical, mechanical, perform valet and "butler" duties in keeping with wardrobe care and packing and unpacking, care of wardrobe, polishing shoes, along with changing light bulbs and general maintenance oversight; light plumbing issues, painting touch-ups, light repairs. MUST DRIVE Must also support a top tier career path with excellent referencing and NYC experience - an extensive background review will be conducted along with verbal referencing. Must be flexible and energetic and bring to your day a secure knowledge of being a trusted highly skilled professional.

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