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Private Valet & Flight Attendant position: Working for an International private family that own several aircrafts. Candidates must be based in or around NYC, and must already be employed in the deluxe hospitality industry, preferably as a: Cabin Attendant, Steward, Butler, Guest Service Manager or Valet in: luxury world-class hotels, Ambassadorial residences, respected private households or onboard private aircraft or yachts. Family has multiple properties in the USA and Europe. Candidates will have an innate eye for detail, will enjoy travelling and working in busy, sometimes frenetic high-speed work environments. They should also love taking the necessary time to do jobs properly, but will similarly be able to speed things up, to achieve the right result when time is severely limited! Candidates must: o live in NYC area and will be free to travel with the family on trips as and when required. o be organized, great communicators, and show they are adaptable, sometimes at short notice, to demanding situations. o be discreet, honest, conscientious, hard-working, cheerful and come with a positive personality. o be happy to undertake all manner of jobs and tasks with enthusiasm and energy. o offer excellent checkable references o be able to travel at short notice and must enjoy working in a fast paced work environment Responsibilities o responsible for packing and unpacking luggage including transfer of luggage between households, hotels, yachts and to and from aircrafts. o coordination with the client's household and Private office assistants and Travel Agency on the requirements for upcoming trips. o coordination with flight crew, hotel staff, household staff etc. o coordination of Principals transfers to and from aircraft (with Aviation dispatch / Travel Agency) Trips & Anticipated travel dates would include: Christmas/ NYE - 2 weeks February - one week March School Break- 2 weeks Summer- 5/6 weeks November/Thanksgiving- 4 /5 days (Additional 2-3 trips - sometimes with short notice) Please note that these dates are only indicative and not intended to limit valet required trips on other dates. Accommodations with crew when not needed to be closer to the Family. Salary: $100K USD DOE for someone that holds relevant experience Candidates must drive and live or relocate to NYC/tri-state area.

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