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LIVE-OUT, MANNY - HOUSEMAN - DRIVER If you are great with children and are fully capable of being an excellent hands-on Houseman to ensure clean walkways, taking out the trash and ensuring light bulbs are changed and in stock, capable of light painting & plumbing with repair to minor issues as they pop up in addition to all maintenance and also fully understanding NYC and the Hampton's to securely drive the family then we immediately want to meet you. This wonderful family is looking for LIVE OUT Houseman/Driver. You will need to reside in or very close to NYC to fully avail yourself to the needs of this post. Past experience within a prominent household interacting and working closely with the safe transport of children to all of their activities inclusive of drops off and pick-ups to school is a must. You must have an authentic and organic enjoyment of being around children as this is an active part of your engagement. Must be an excellent driver with extensive knowledge of Manhattan, Airports, alternate routes and arriving in a timely manner. Must be well-versed in the care of a fine household and the precise care of all the valuable appointments in a hands-on way. A thorough background check will be conducted along with all referencing from former employers.

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