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LIVE-IN, NYC HOUSEKEEPER/LAUNDRESS (with overtime + Health Care) Top notch level of pristine care is required for this household. You must be extremely knowledgeable in every facet of care of valuable furnishings in every regard; from carpets, art + antiques, fabrics, crystal chandeliers, china, glassware, special finishes and all excellent organization and care of designer wardrobe. Your professional level of knowledge and unwavering attention must be at the height of your profession. Looking for a quiet self-starter who knows what is required within her self governed day to completely and thoroughly keep up with daily cleaning in addition to setting forth a plan to ensure deep cleaning and organization of the entire home in maintenance of guest-ready cleanliness. Entertaining is conducted on a formal level - it is important that you are comfortable performing formal table service duties along with formal table setting with special attention given to the perfect care of crystal, china, glassware, silverware and table linen care. This is a wonderful respectful calm + quiet family - looking for an earnest hard working honorable person to always care for their special household.

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