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EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER This beautiful international family requires a top notch EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER to liaise with all aspects of this busy household and give scheduling structure to the various housekeeping staff so there is round the clock coverage and that all duties are fulfilled at an exemplary level of completion. We will only review the resume submissions of truly experienced candidates who have been in this position within a prominent estate/household as you will be required to immediately step into this post without a learning curve other than determining and getting apprised of the family needs and preferences. You will also be required to participate in a hands-on manner of being part of the team in a "lead-by-example" capacity. Must be kind, a team-builder, an exceptional manager of people in an upholding compassionate energizing way, must also be fully apprised of specific designer couture care, fabric care/laundry/ ironing/wardrobe & closet care, packing & unpacking, china and glassware care and storage, silver and various finishes care in addition to all deep cleaning rotations - general guest-ready perfection in all areas so the total and complete household is spotless and always in a ready-mode of being cared for. You must ensure your team of housekeepers are cared for with enough time off between shifts and scheduling so you have a happy and smooth running household. Additionally, you must liaise well with the executive team of staff to ensure all preparedness for travel and events and guest arrival and entertaining is cared for. Looking for a professional who also is excellent with inventory and controls, and ordering and supplies at all times. Excellent flexible demeanor; this is a proper household, the existing team is wonderful with great demeanor and considerate care for each other so this must be the approach you have to arrive to the job as there is no room in this family or the household team of employees for disruptive staff. We look forward to meeting you.

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