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CHEF - NYC & Hampton's

CHEF - A food-loving small family is looking for a creative healthy chef to prepare Lunch & Dinner and completely take over all care of the kitchen; from stocking, pantry care. procurement and sourcing of organic ingredients, meal/menu planning, ensuring all dinners whether intimate or a gathering of guests is cared for with beautiful preparations and always attention to eye-pleasing plating and thoughtful healthy balance of offerings. Your focus for the bulk of the year is at the Manhattan home and then relocating to the Hampton property where you are required to stay for the summer season. Attention to Paleo and organic. Care of family and friends - be a people person and a team player. Must run an impeccable kitchen and be accountable for your operating costs & procurement and stocking and all supplies and MUST MAINTAIN AN EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAN kitchen Must have excellent references and a true desire to be of care in your responsiblities and duties and ensuring all matters within your kitchen duties & oversight is at tip-top performance.

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