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MANHATTAN PROPERTY MANAGER Active hands-on monitoring of all complex HVAC, Technical & Mechanical systems, contractors, RFP/RFB, job completion and pristine running operations for a large residential property. Must monitor daily, create punch-list of all open items, press toward completion of all construction, liaise with contractors and subs, ensure perfectly clean air filtration in care of valuables and highly-allergic owner, liaise with corporate family office to ensure budgets and proposals are in keeping with principals' wishes and make things happen to ensure sound, safe and clean living environment. Be comfortable working within a corporate office to the residential needs of your job Create detailed punch lists and be fully organized and pro-active on tight timelines to job completion Manage budgets and operating costs Responsible at all times for the safe care of valuable installations Must be fully experienced in property management of a high-profile level of care Must have a perfect reputation, vendor relations and a great problem solving capacity, excellent vendors and Rolodex You will be vetted by a team of professionals for your knowledge to perform said tasks in the highest level of care. References and background check....this is a high-profile property with rare and valuable belongings. Must be discreet and manage confidential items.

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