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Must be eligible to work in the USA and looking to step into an excellent post with a lovely family. We are entertaining local candidates as this is a LIVE OUT position so you will want to have a convenient commute. Nothing less than 5 years experience as a MAJOR DOMO/ESTATE MANAGER within high profile estates with prominent family's whereby you are fully familiar with VIP entertaining on a tip top level of awareness and protocol. Looking for an excellent team builder with a kindness and enthusiasm that instills pride in job completion and smooth running operations. Must have all understanding of running a highly technical estate with all levels of smart-home technology. Entertaining on an international level of guest. Liaise with all vendors and outside contractors and ensure a secure environment at all times. Looking for the best of the best. LOOKING NOW !!!! Highly technical and mechanical All vendor relations Full knowledge of Smart-Home tech Exceptional team-building and leadership qualities Long term commitment Autonomy and trustworthy A great energetic approach to being of service and instilling the proper attitude and values within your service team for smooth running operations at ALL times.

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