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Looking for a MODERN BUTLER who is chic & energetic and fully capable of all service, knowledge of cocktail making and beverage service, care of wardrobes and ensuring all aspects of china care, table settings, presentations and preparing for a lot of travel by the principal - meeting and greeting guests and ensuring impeccable care and preparation of all events/dinner & lunch service and cocktail parties will go swimmingly well. You will be responsible for liaising with all professional service contractors at a very high level of service, maintenance and care of a finely appointed home. The team of staff are top-notch with years of service within this family. MODERN BUTLER Training Apprised of all care necessary within a beautiful estate Flexibility Great team building and a respectful manner to your interactions 5+ Years of direct experience within a prominent family/estate Must Drive Legally eligible to accept employment in the U.S. Must be in commuting distance to Manhattan as this is a live-out post

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