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Large family is looking for a great fit as the Live-in House Couple to their family which consists of numerous children, there are no pets, but must have an affinity for interacting with children while performing your duties on this compound consisting of a main residence and 4 additional structures. Hands-on care of indoors and out with housekeeping, maintenance, overseeing mechanical and technical aspects and ensuring the upkeep of this finely appointed home in performing tasks of light construction & repair, painting touch-ups when needed, and bringing your ability to trouble shoot and problem solve. All hands-on care of laundry and wardrobes, closets and bed making, kosher service and food handling and care. Five years of former experience as a House Couple working within a prominent estate. Must exhibit a keen awareness of all necessary chores to ensure the secure running operations of this beautiful estate. Awareness of a Kosher observant household required. Verifiable references that support your abilities to perform the necessary duties.

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