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Looking for a wonderful couple for a family compound in Greenwich, CT to care for the fine furnishings in all daily and deep housekeeping duties and care for the technical and mechanical maintenance in tip top humming good order at all times. This is a family with many grandchildren who visit the property so they are looking for a couple who are patient and energized within an active and busy household and can see themselves staying for a long term commitment. Ability to fully care for a large home in all aspects of housekeeping and maintenance. Laundry, ironing, closet care, china and silver care, chandelier & sconce cleaning, carpet and floor care, bathroom and bedroom care - changing sheets and ensuring "guest-ready" preparation at all times. Maintenance in mechanical and technical systems, indoor and outdoor care, liaise with vendors and be available to create an active rotation of complete care. Must have at least 5 years of Estate Couple care and provide verifiable references - an in-depth background check will be conducted. Must drive and a familiarity with Greenwich vendors and area. Smart Home technology knowledge a plus ! Energy, discretion and committed dedication a plus as well.

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