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Looking for a great live-in, weekend only Nanny for 2 young children ages 3 and 5 years, starting Friday mid-day until Monday mid-morning. Each shift will start and end with you getting up to speed with all the weeks activities from the week-day Nanny. Likewise you will be responsible for monitoring notable concerns from your time with the children. 

The parents require your attention to scheduling, must be comfortable transporting the children by way of NYC subway to and from activities and play-dates and all appointments. Monitoring school work and lessons and ensuring routines and bed-time preparation, reading and engaging the children in educational activities. Must be structured in your approach to the day to instill routines and manners and help in the development of their social skills and reading and writing.

Must have 5 years former experience preferably with the care of kindergarten and elementary aged children. Must have verifiable references, CPR along with background screening.

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