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This is a very good post for a creative Thespian looking for a long term domestic placement within a highly artistic family on the Lower East Side. All Applicants must be eligible to work in the USA and have impeccable references - a background search will be conducted before receiving a Job Offer. Application is made by supporting your work history with a viable resume which must be submitted at time of application. This lovely family is looking for a "right-arm" person who focuses primarily on the care of their highly intelligent 5 year old son and general housekeeping duties and errands. A brand new child arrives in the Spring. Your day will begin at 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM and be a whirlwind of daily duties which have you cleaning and doing laundry,errands for shopping and maintaining a sense of organization. This is currently a family of three with a new baby on the way. The duties are full and the family realizes this but what they predominantly need is a complete Assistant who is available to augment their hectic life. Your primary focus will be child care, housekeeping, laundry and light cooking. This is an organic, local Farm household. They are looking for an energetic, kind and pleasant person who is looking to mesh within their life and get into the pattern of the needs of the household. The young son has very expansive thinking and cognitive abilities so he loves being read to, taken to the Museum of Natural History and all sorts of interesting artistic and creative venues - this is not a child that is content being in front of the television, he enjoys challenges and interaction. If you have Photography, Film, Art, Acting experience in ADDITION to former Nanny and Housekeeping/Cooking posts within NYC residences please send us your resume right away. Must be able to travel freely - the family plans on taking the month of August as a vacation where they would like for you to be with them. Must be a true "People Person" as this family entertains frequently with family, friends, and important business associates. Must be computer savvy with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

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