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This lovely family is looking for a highly experienced Baby Nanny for approximately five months (TBD) time to assist with all transitioning of both Mother and Infant in all aspects of care and support. Looking for no less than five years direct Baby Nanny experience within a busy Manhattan household working with Newborns. You will be responsible for organic laundry care and cleaning of all aspects relative to the baby with special focus to delicate care of items and ensuring that everything is organized, pristine and in its proper place. Please send your resume supporting the necessary experience and skills to be considered. Requirements:

*Infant CPR and First Aid

*Highly organized

*Flexibility to stay over night if necessary

*Legally eligible to work in the USA

*Specialty Newborn care such as; umbilical chord care, breast pump/breast milk care, colic, establishing schedules - feeding + sleeping, skin rashes

*Organic care of diapers, laundry, cleaning and sanitizing

*Patient, caring and kind

Job is Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 7:00pm  

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