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Administrative Assistant

NY - Manhattan
JUNIOR ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (to the Executive Personal Assistant)

This is an excellent post for a highly organized, energetic and intelligent person looking to assist the key Executive Personal Assistant to a prominent Principal working to work behind the scenes in making excellence happen in support of this busy EPA.......you will be best if you have a great affinity for problem solving, fully familiar with NYC, excellent resources and awareness of fashion & designers/theater/restaurants/specialty gift buying/galleries and art and all aspects of cultural awareness.

This is a very busy office with international guests arriving always and business and charitable & philanthropic involvements as the basis of business - you must be resourceful in a common sense manner and eager to support and make your direct report, the key Executive Personal Assistant shine through all demands placed upon her.

Excellent references
Fashion awareness
Excellent computer skills
Languages are a plus but not required
Verifiable references
NY - Manhattan

A high profile family is looking for a Personal Assistant accustomed to overseeing large operations, renovation projects, construction budgets, dealing with international top tier professional level vendors such as Architects, Curators, Restoration Artists, Accountants and Attorney's, along with mastering complex scheduling for family members and coordination of all transport; jet, yacht, chauffeurs, multiple cars, security and liaising with the corporate office.

There is complex staff management, event planning, all sorts of coordination and ensuring scheduling and appointments are all on point when it comes to an ever-changing fast-paced and hectic day .......and, all behind the scenes which can be tricky as all good professionals know - there is more that goes on behind the scenes to make it all seem seamless and falling into place like clockwork.

There are big events, coordinating with the staff of multiple properties, ensuring "guest-ready" preparedness at all times, preemptive planning and at the same time acting as the social secretary who will interface with family & friends and all support vendors, hair appointments, doctors, spa, dinners, theater, galas and top-tier NYC events...responding in a timely manner to all invitations, coordinating with wardrobe professionals and literally being on top of the entire large grand life in a very discreet and highly confidential manner.

Must be 100% reliable and trustworthy with an impeccable career history, unblemished background and verifiable references.

Also looking for excellent management and coordination multi-tasking skills along with being both technical and very computer savvy.

Must be a whiz at Excel and all computer programs for that matter, excellent phone skills and people skills.

Looking for someone who enjoys and has an exceptionally high aptitude for financial concerns so you can smoothly maintain all daily considerations and projects and not feel overwhelmed or averse to crunching numbers, reconciling accounts and being 100% aware of all expenses in each and every area of operations and running costs along with the personal reconciliation of Credit Cards, Checking Account etc.

This is a big job and calling upon the candidate to be really on their game and wanting to take all of these duties and tasks on.

Simply put; this is the job and your success depends upon your ease in fulfilling the outlined role.

Must be incredibly astute with a remarkable aptitude for Finance and Budgets. A thorough ability to reconcile monthly expenses, create spreadsheets and monitor all expenses for tax season along with interfacing with all Accountants. CPA's and Tax Attorney's to prepare an in-depth profile of all expenditures. Must be comfortable with representing the principal for the purchase of big ticket items, all insurance, way bill and inventory of valuable, precious and rare one of a kind items.

NOTE; A Finance Degree is preferred and direct experience within a Family Office or a top tier household is key as you will want to provide the oversight based upon experience and knowledge to provide this on a level of managing very large budgets and expenses and multiple tier reconciliation.

Additionally, you will be required to step into all social calendaring, scheduling, oversight of the household care, liaise with all staff to ensure the proper performance of daily duties, monitor staff payroll, payments, health insurance, sick days and such.

The family entertains on an international level and it is important to be aware of all protocol and diplomacy. Must be fully comfortable with planning events and all personal & social calendaring and making appointments, travel and all personal assistance care.

You will be required to perform all PA, House Management and Administrative Finance duties. Must have 5 years minimum experience within a very prominent multi-property estate and doing the exact same tasks in complete trusted confidentiality and care so as to be in place to hit the ground running without falter. This is a MUST FILL position.

Baby Nanny

This lovely family is looking for a highly experienced Baby Nanny for approximately five months (TBD) time to assist with all transitioning of both Mother and Infant in all aspects of care and support. Looking for no less than five years direct Baby Nanny experience within a busy Manhattan household working with Newborns. You will be responsible for organic laundry care and cleaning of all aspects relative to the baby with special focus to delicate care of items and ensuring that everything is organized, pristine and in its proper place. Please send your resume supporting the necessary experience and skills to be considered. Requirements:
*Infant CPR and First Aid
*Highly organized
*Flexibility to stay over night if necessary
*Legally eligible to work in the USA
*Specialty Newborn care such as; umbilical chord care, breast pump/breast milk care, colic, establishing schedules - feeding + sleeping, skin rashes
*Organic care of diapers, laundry, cleaning and sanitizing
*Patient, caring and kind
Job is Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 7:00pm  


Elegantly appointed beautiful mansion requiring top-notch professional Butler.

Large property
Valuable appointments on every level
VIP & Dignitary level entertaining
Many moving parts
Wonderful support staff & team

Formal Butler experience
5 years minimum experience within high-profile estate(s)
Must know what you are doing as too much is at risk

U.S. Work eligible
Looking for long term employment and developing your relationship
Familiar with NYC with vendor/contractor and support relationships
New York
Looking for a MODERN BUTLER who is chic & energetic and fully capable of all service, knowledge of cocktail making and beverage service, care of wardrobes and ensuring all aspects of china care, table settings, presentations and preparing for a lot of travel by the principal - meeting and greeting guests and ensuring impeccable care and preparation of all events/dinner & lunch service and cocktail parties will go swimmingly well.

You will be responsible for liaising with all professional service contractors at a very high level of service, maintenance and care of a finely appointed home. The team of staff are top-notch with years of service within this family.

Apprised of all care necessary within a beautiful estate
Great team building and a respectful manner to your interactions
5+ Years of direct experience within a prominent family/estate
Must Drive
Legally eligible to accept employment in the U.S.
Must be in commuting distance to Manhattan as this is a live-out post
NY - Manhattan

Looking at impeccably trained Butler's with valet and some managerial oversight within this important role for a prominent household. The needs of this employer are refined, exclusive, exacting and clear cut in requiring a discerning and experienced professional who works well within an extremely fast paced household appointed with the finest of all things.

Your elevated level of care will of course ensure your success. Knowledge of the delicate care of fine crystal; glassware/sconces/chandeliers, your attention to formal service with impeccable attention to refined detail in the proper setting of table for many guests, your ability to welcome guests from around the world with a hospitable welcoming by being apprised of protocol and international preferences.

Additionally, it will be imperative that you work with the team of staff to manage care of linens, silver, storage and inventory. Your former experience in planning and overseeing special events. galas and fund raising at the homes is a must.

There will be travel with the principal on occasion to other locations. It will be necessary that you pack and unpack and ensure the proper safe transport and relocation of valuable clothing/jewelry and personal items. You will work with the housekeepers and laundress to steam and press items that require care.

You will work with a wonderful solid highly skilled team of support professionals in this well-staffed household. There are additional locations to consider in your care so your abilities to be flexible and to travel and WORK WEEKENDS as needed is what the position requires - please only submit your resume for consideration if you have factored this need into your application and prepared to be dedicate the time as required.

This is a demanding position at times. Your ability to buffer the heightened level of expectation along with the fast pace will assure success - your level of competency within knowing the required skills for this position will be your success!

The days may be long, your ready access to and from the Manhattan based household will also be a benefit to your overall happiness and success as well.

An extensive background review will be conducted
Must Drive


NOTE: This post is on the Hawaiian island of Maui and seemingly not being directly affected by the current volcanic eruptions occurring on the Big Island of Hawaii.

This position requires a true medical minded Companion and Caregiver for an unwell lady suffering from severe head injuries which bring about seizures. Within these seizure episodes are immediate medical needs which require medical attention along with heightened anxiety and nervousness. Based upon a comfort level she wants to be in the familiar surroundings of her home. Additional support staff rotate their involvement within the household; a visiting chef to prepare healthy meals, a team of visiting cleaners for deep cleaning care, and access to a visiting Nurse for when extra care is necessary. This is a difficult position as you will need to have a comfort level of caring for someone who really is not feeling well 80% of the time.

Along with being empathetic you will need to keep tidy and clean up, serve the meals that have been made by the Chef, Drive well and drive safely as this is a huge area of great worry for her, utilize discerning judgement to know when a trip to the Hospital or Emergency is needed, administer medicine, monitor and be mindful and be a companion as she goes through her day and to the beach.

A great affinity for island living, the sunny climes, and being on-call as needed. This can be tricky because it may be evident that when you think it may be your day off she may be having an episode and really needs for you to be in place and minding her. She becomes unstable during her seizure episodes and is at great risk should another fall occur.

This job will take a special person to fulfill the requirements as it is not an easy job and given the nature of the head injury requires that you be very comfortable within the demands that will be placed upon you.

Knowledge of CPR - First Aid. Former experience as a caregiver essential along with an understanding of managing a person having seizures. A plus and of great strength within this job is a former medically trained professional, nurses. nurses aid, para-medic. You will need to be energized, quick on your feet, a discerning problem solver, exercise great judgement in instinctual reaction time to jump to the aid of a person in urgent need of care.

You will be running errands, caring for the car, making bed, laundry, shopping, buying supplies, driving to appointments, administering medicine, keeping company, being reassuring and making things pleasant - buy flowers, help with her bath and bathing as needed, assisting with dressing as needed....just being a trusted kind person who really cares and is responsible.

A thorough background check will be conducted. Must have a clean Drivers License and be a cautious safe and careful driver. Reliable and trustworthy and understand fully that when someone is unwell they, they are not themselves and need patience and understanding in their time of need.
NY - Manhattan & Hamptons
This delightful small family requires a family assistant to augment their daily household and personal needs and step into the vacancy being created by the departure of their long term person who is retiring.

You will start your day at 1:00pm - 9:00pm, Monday through Friday and care for all chores and planning, errands, letter writing and computer work as needed, shopping for groceries or online ordering, inventory and care of items to maintain a high level of organization, healthy cooking in the preparation of dinner and snacks; roasted chicken/vegetable and salad, make certain mail and bills are paid, cover for the Housekeeper when she goes on vacation by pitching in with cleaning and laundry, social calendaring, appointments, message taking, mail-merge knowledge for cards, gift buying, maintain database. It really is being the right-arm assistant for the next long while to ensure the household and chores are all cared for inclusive of minor repairs, floral arrangements.

Must be long term minded and have a true desire to stay with the family and cultivate this trusted longstanding place within the fabric of their household.

Summers are spent in the Hampton's where you will stay at the property with them. YOU MUST DRIVE

Clean background and verifiable upholding references. Looking for a great easy to be around disposition with a can-do pleasant attitude. Must be computer savvy, OUTLOOK knowledge and technically minded.


Must be fully familiar with Executive/Dignitary/V.I.P Chauffeuring and all the formality of boundaries and confidentiality, with poise and manners but totally capable of managing the urgency of some situations that require you to know the city and surrounding areas like the back of your hand inclusive of key venues.
Must have a clean background, security minded and detail oriented. Must have five years former experience preferably, driving a high profile employer and exhibiting social refinement and the understanding of professionalism. You will be called upon to pick-up from your employer's residence and drive to his office and to meetings through the day, airport runs, restaurants. theatre...the days can be long but there will be times when you will not be working at all and have the down time. Discretion, resourcefulness, flexibility, knowledge of Manhattan and alternative routes - quick problem solver, unflappable and foremost trustworthy.
Foremost must be an excellent driver X-NYPD a plus but NOT necessary, security minded clean background Maintain the vehicle in excellent condition and ensure it will always be pristine inside and out - so, detail oriented. Quiet, confidential, and a true professional
New York
High profile CEO requires a dedicated, crisply presented, experienced personal corporate driver to completely care for his transportation needs during what may be a hectic business day INTO THE WEEKENDS. NOTE : THIS JOB REQUIRES WEEKEND COVERAGE - SATURDAY AND SUNDAY !! Must be fully apprised of NYC and area key destinations, alternate routes, security minded and fully aware at all times - and always punctual in a problem solving manner of quietly and efficiently anticipating trouble spots and high traffic areas in advance and liaise with all assistants to ensure adherence to a tight schedule. Must be energetic, athletic, impeccably groomed, discreet, quiet, organic common sense, punctual, trustworthiness. MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE DRIVING A HIGH PROFILE CEO.


Excellent plating, exclusive top-tier organic provisioning, ability to procure the finest ingredients while being ever-mindful of all suppliers and vendors in NYC and the Hampton's.

Looking for a talented chef for a small family.
Mindful, respectful care in attention to detail and cleanliness.
Flexibility in being gracious and kind within your manner and interaction with family and guests.
NY - Bridgehampton
LIVE IN, Bridgehampton
Family based in Manhattan but who regularly use their Bridgehampton home are seeking a capable,
reliable person who can care for their beautiful home when they are not in residence and prepare
healthy appealing meals when they travel out east.
We are looking for a person who has had at least five years cooking experience and specializes in
using local seasonal produce to make delicious, light meals. We have two boys, 15 and 8 with
healthy appetites, a dog with a sensitive stomach and chickens who need care but give us delicious
eggs. Also, a vegetable garden tended by our caretaker. We would bring a housekeeper with us
when we visit the Bridgehampton house so that the successful applicant can concentrate on cooking
when the family visits.
The applicant must have a clean driving license and a good knowledge of the local area.
Thisis a full-time position and days off are typically Tuesday and Wednesday. You must always
·be available to work when the family visit.
Main tasks would be taking care of the house, generally cleaning throughout, cooking, baking, food
and supply shopping.
Attention to detail is important, flower arrangements and good laundry skills.
From the time of Memorial Day through to Labor Day we would request that novacation be
taken, unless absolutely necessary.
Three weeks paid vacation, Health care coverage, 50/50 share of the cost and 401k eligible after 1
SEASONAL - Sous Chef to the Private Chef for the Family.

This is an excellent opportunity to be in place with a trusted and respected Family Private Chef as the Sous-Chef ensuring all preparations, cleanliness, storage, procurement and stocking, plating, shopping, errands are completed within your duties and being right on point to fulfill the needs of this high profile busy active fast-paced household over the summer season of mid=June to mid-September.

The Chef will be your direct report and guide you through your duties of the day. Must have excellent skills, be eager to learn, attentive, knowledgeable, french cuisine savvy, know well proper cutting techniques/sauce making and provide oversight when requested to monitor the different courses with excellent plating artistry, be quick to follow through, listen attentively and accurately implement instructions.

Being flexible and adaptable and someone that readily assimilates and becomes part of the team of good staff.

You will live on the property and have your own space.
Must drive and must have an earnest desire to learn and be a true assistant which sometimes means you will be given the basic necessary but highly important tasks to complete with the highest regard for complete care.

Chief Of Staff

Must be flexible to travel internationallyFormer high-profile celebrity household Chief of Staff / Household Manager of multiple properties experience. You will be working very closely with the Mrs of the family - there are two children and your duties will be working tightly as the right-arm assistant to oversee that ALL aspects of coordination and liaising of duties and ensuring smooth running operations, social engagements, correspondence, facilities and operations, household management and staff protocol and guidance is cared for - you will run the show essentially but in a trusted, confidential way of building your long term relationship with the principals and their family.Ability to manage high profile events, finesse all social engagements and be the trusted manager of all operations....this means overseeing multiple properties to ensure complete pre-arrival set-up, working closely with valets and housekeepers to ensure wardrobe transfers to various properties and safe guarded storage and packing, care of valuables in every level of appointments of art, jewelry, gala/couture garments, care of all valuables from a position of hands-on experience and knowledge.

Corporate Positions

This private family office is looking to bring a JUNIOR ACCOUNTING AND INVENTORY ASSISTANT in to assist their existing staff with all aspects of art + precious pieces inventory, monitoring, cataloguing, verification and research, documenting and working with the existing insurance appraisers, storage facilities and shipping carriers to track all items of value. You may be asked to travel to various properties to conduct inventory of items or oversee the packing and shipping of pieces. Additionally you will be asked to work alongside the existing accounting persons in A/P to reconcile expenses and schedule all payables. Determine errors and track payments. The Chief of Staff for this family is looking for an inquisitive, interested and reliable junior accounting person with a desire to envision long term growth within this dynamic family office. There is great growth potential for the right candidate. Must have Economics, Accounting degree and full knowledge of Excel and Solomon program experience a plus. Must be eligible to legally work in the US. Must be free to travel as needed (all expenses paid of course). Looking for an out of the box thinker who is eager to grow within this position. Spacer Image

Domestic Couple

LIVE-IN HOUSE COUPLE We are looking for a truly energetic and experienced professional domestic couple to fill this position - you'll need to bring your expert mechanical, technical, expert housekeeping and laundry skills to the day and be available to work over the weekend in the summer and also through busy times. There are various levels of support staff so you will be managing people and coordinating schedules to enhance the overall service and care of all duties to ensure the property, home and guest house is in a "guest-ready" standard at all times. You will be asked to manage participate in informal service, menu planning, guest relations, liaise with all family and friends, vendors and contractors.
Responsible for overseeing the impeccable care of Laundry, housekeeping and indoor and outdoor care of all aspects of this gorgeous property and out buildings. Stocking and shopping, inventory and creating excel files of inventory. There is a wine cellar and various collections that require documenting and inventory and coordinating with insurance companies and art curators for all cataloging. Must be legally able to work in the USA. A full background check will be performed. Must have a valid Driver's License. Must send your resume for consideration and be fully technical + computer savvy. We require nothing less than five (5) years professional experience within a prominent estate where you are fully apprised of the level of service and care needed to provide a five star level of service to the pristine care of antiques, collectibles, fine art, property amenities and fine appointments. There are other staff members so your ability to create a team and be a team-player are essential, detail oriented, above and beyond the call of duty, problem solver and focused on a long term position. This is an organic, healthy minded household that loves to be outdoors and highly active.
New York
Looking for a reliable and energetic "can-do" hands on couple to manage a large property. MUST HAVE A CLEAN BACKGROUND, MUST BE ELIGIBLE TO WORK IN THE US.

All housekeeping, bed making and laundry with ironing, hand washing of delicate items.
Stocking and inventory
All meticulous guest-ready preparations
Outdoor mechanical attention and maintenance - cleaning of sports areas on the property
Cleaning of outdoor furniture and seasonal storage
Cooking and grocery shopping
Formal and informal service
Planning events along with employer
Ability to travel to additional properties to assist as needed

Former direct experience with excellent references and unwavering integrity in a trusted and discreet manner of being top notch.

Looking for a long term post

Culinary training a plus
Formal service a plus
Excellent housekeeping a plus
Care and knowledge of handling expensive appointments and art - ESSENTIAL
NY - Manhattan
NYC LIVE-OUT HOUSE COUPLE w/ TRAVEL - looking for a top notch, excellently skilled couple who bring their top tier high-end standards of delivering the best level of service and care to their job performance. Your oversight will be both managerial as well as hands-on in task fulfillment.

You will be required to travel to various locations. You must live out and this job requires late nights on occasion so you must readily be able to get to and from the home on the UES. You will also be expected to know NYC intimately with excellent resources and vendor contacts and understanding of navigating the detailed requirements of a NYC building.

Must have strong computer skills and be tech savvy, with full working knowledge of Smart-home tech and ability to trouble-shoot and work with system technicians to remedy any glitches. You will be required to generate reports, add to the House Manual to keep current. Also will need to ensure the internet, security systems, theater systems, humidity monitoring, HVAC are in good working order - liaise with contractors and vendors to ensure upkeep and smooth working order, warranties/service contracts etc.

Requiring a bright happy and energized couple who each possess equal great strengths as a team to readily and seamlessly fulfill their required duties.

The days will be full and fast-paced and as much as the household is relatively informal it will be expected that you deliver a level of formality to performing daily chores. The family is with grown active children all with their own personal pursuits but convene as a family at any given time which requires that all areas of the household be guest/family-ready always.

Along with the attention to detail and impeccable care of valuable appointments you will be required to perform laundry duties, changing of linens, ensuring bathrooms are always pristine clean. Wardrobe care, ironing/pressing and steaming and the rotation of seasonal garments/closet & drawer care. rotate mattresses and ensure refreshing of bed linens daily.

All stocking and supply ordering. Purchase items online as necessary and needed. Personal shopping and discreet errands and maintain topped up levels of preferred items so always available and maintain a running inventory for this as well.

Required will be attention to detail and impeccable cleaning and maintenance care. The rotation of cleaning scheduling for task completion to ensure overall cleanliness on a deep cleaning level will be mandatory along with working with the team of household staff of which there are housekeepers, chef and personal assistant. Dinner service will be coordinated with the chef to ensure the proper setting of the table and preparation for service/guests.

Driving is key also to the principals. Full knowledge of NYC and area, certainly familiar with all key destination points such as airports, theater, knowledge of getting around NYC readily. Maintenance and upkeep of cars, garaging them, ensure clean and detailed inside and out along with scheduling regular maintenance care with insurance renewals.

It is key that maintenance care and housekeeping care be of great strength. Also too, your ability to drive, meet & greet guests and family, technical, mechanical, perform valet and "butler" duties in keeping with wardrobe care and packing and unpacking, care of wardrobe, polishing shoes, along with changing light bulbs and general maintenance oversight; light plumbing issues, painting touch-ups, light repairs.

Must also support a top tier career path with excellent referencing and NYC experience - an extensive background review will be conducted along with verbal referencing.
Must be flexible and energetic and bring to your day a secure knowledge of being a trusted highly skilled professional.

Estate Manager

New York
EXPERIENCED HOUSE/ESTATE MANGER Experienced House Manager required to look after multiple properties for prominent family.
Prior experience with extensive property refurbishment required, contract management, budgeting and effective project management skills essential. Ideally this role requires a seasoned member of staff who is able to step into any role within the household and lead in a hands-on manner.
Candidates will be required to ensure that two properties are maintained and operating to the highest possible standard in a cost effective and efficient manner.
Looking for highly knowledgeable hands-on household staff management for each residence, overseeing the daily upkeep of the residences which should be kept to the highest possible standard. You must have exceptional attention to detail, be extremely well organized and able to adapt to last minute changes.
Due to the requirements of the role, you should have an energetic and practical approach to work with the flexibility to work for prolonged periods without days off and the flexibility to work long hours during the busy periods (assistance with the planning of functions and events required). You will be responsible for the overall maintenance of the residences and all technical services including IT services and Audio and Visual services thus a technically minded candidate is essential for this position.
You will have complete oversight of all cleaning services which will include laundry services; washing, ironing and repairs to fine clothing and other fabrics. You will oversee all food preparation services at the residences and other managed properties including all cooking, waiter/ butler service and food shopping. Additionally, you will care for the family's fine art, antiques and jewellery collection which will include regular updates to the computerized inventory system and insurance schedule. A true all-rounder is required for this role with the ability to juggle multiple tasks and oversee refurbishment projects. Effective communication skills to manage a team of over 15 staff and liaise with senior staff and the principals. Salary and package negotiable for the right candidate
COMPUTER SAVVY - highly technical Complete understanding of each and every position within the staffing of the property in a familiar hand-on manner so you can always know exactly what is required to fulfill the duties and ensure the excellent and thorough care accordingly by the dedicated staff member Working knowledge of finery whether it be great linen, crystal, rare antiques, priceless art and artifacts, fine specialty finishes, wines, great food, vendor relations, knowledge of local purveyors and craftspeople. Desire to wrap your intellect, knowledge and experience around creating a smooth running efficient estate in every aspect inclusive of team building and ensuring all systems and finely tuned in a healthy happy work environment.
Cap d'Antibes
Hands-on Caretaker :
> Candidate must be very hands on Caretaker of both home and grounds:
> Able to drive family and children and take care of cars,
> Fix all kinds of wide ranging things in the house,
> Superb hands-on handy man himself,
> Have good knowledge, pricing and negotiations of plumbing/Heating/AC/Construction/Repairs/Renovations/Security and Alarm system etc
> Oversee gardening & pool,
> Grocery shopping and running errands as needed
> Knows the South of France area and ways very well
> Extremely resourceful, reliable and honest
> Can negotiate and take care of house budget and paying bills
> Schedules and oversees repairs & service men documenting with before/after pictures of works and detail filing/documenting reports
> Sets up and cares for outdoor furniture
> Oversees that the home is impeccable, organized and ready for use at anytime.
> Takes care of packages, mailings and fedexing,
> Must have great spoken and written English + French.
> Great communicator with the Estate Manager and the Principals.
> A plus if flexible to travel 2 months (various weeks) a year to other French properties.

Please note, should only be one Head housekeeper in the property year long and family would travel in with an extra housekeeper and a chef when coming to residence.

All repairs etc must happen out of times family is in the house, so Caretaker must take initiative that all is in order before the family arrives.
NY - Manhattan & Hamptons
Looking for a top notch professional with excellent experience and knowledge of complex mechanical and technical systems pertaining to all aspects of a beautiful townhouse.
All museum quality fine appointments and the essential care required to ensure the safe care and round the clock assurances of all systems in top notch working order.
Liaise with vendors and all contractors and carefully monitor all follow through and workmanship in keeping with a clean and safe work environment and 100% job completion.
Be a great team player, pitch in and be a can-do person to fully and flexibly know when things require your attention. Full maintenance and care of the entire facility and all components that make it run smoothly without any set-backs.
Trouble-shoot, problem solve, follow through and all coordination of all scheduling and all contractors
Work within a very high profile household and respectfully uphold all necessary care and privacy of your employer, family and friends.

MUST be fully experienced and qualified to fulfill the role to the highest standard of excellence.
Thorough background check will be conducted and referencing

Knowledge of Smart-home technology and all electronics and gadgets
Security systems, sound and lighting systems
HVAC, plumbing and electrical
Construction and RFP/RFB

Hands-on experience in a state of the art advanced systems home

Executive Housekeeper


This is a wonderful job for a truly experienced and caring professional who may be looking to relocate or is currently in the San Antonio area and looking for a lovely family to stay with for a long time. The family has enjoyed long term commitments from their highly valued and cherished employees = you must be conscientious and approaching this post with the openness of being in place for the long term and ALWAYS willing to attain the highest level of job completion.

Your experience within all aspects of caring for a finely appointed estate will call upon your exceptional level of organization, pristine care of luxury items and attention to detail. You must have a minimum of 5 years transitional experience with excellent reference and a clear background to support your candidacy.

The household requires your beautiful handling of delicate linens, all laundry, bed changing and ensuring all the rooms are pristine and the entire household is Guest-ready at all times in every area ...although this family does not entertain frequently they are always welcoming guests and will need for you to be on your tip top best attention to all matters important to the smooth running assurances of a fine household.

Your immaculate care of china, glassware, wardrobe + closet care/seasonal rotation of valuable items and proper storage, the hand-laundering of delicate items and the use of a Manger machine for all sheets and proper bed making, table service/ assisting the Chef and all clean up and care of appliances and overall care. Polishing silver and the great attention to inventory and establishing schedules and rotations to care for the deep cleaning along with the day-to-day assurances of a fully clean household top to bottom.

San Antonio is a beautiful sophisticated "big-little" city with access to cultural and points of interest. There is ready access to all organic sourcing of supplies for high-level stocking + provisioning of items necessary to perform your duties.

The family will consider relocation expenses if you are a viable candidate looking to make San Antonio you next long term HOME...within this they will supply 3 months worth of housing so you can readily immerse within the needs of the position to see that you are a good fit.

You must bring to the opportunity your sincerity and good disposition along with an exceptional aptitude/attitude and desire to be of service with an impeccable work ethic and a true desire to be part of this lovely team of professionals. Your attention to detail and your heightened level of job knowledge and performance is key and a MUST.
HEAD HOUSEKEEPER with the ability to travel.

Looking for a flexible and highly knowledgeable Head Housekeeper to set the various households to order inclusive of monitoring the team of housekeeping staff members to best provide coverage for the household. You will be working alongside the Estate Manager to ensure smooth running operations at all times.

The family is looking for happy staff and a clean household. Your attention will be on scheduling, training and supervision, actively participating in the on-boarding of new team-members and the excellent completion of duties. This is a hands-on post where you will be looked at to lead by example and ensure enough team members are fulfilling the needs throughout the day in a thorough, careful manner with proficiency in performing their duties to a level of perfection.

The households are appointed beautifully so your level of care and understanding must be top-notch. Your manner and care in the trained and oversight of the housekeeping team must be one of nurturing and structure so as to ensure a harmonious smooth-running household - the family will not have it any other way.

Must exhibit through a work trial, your ability to care for delicate linens, highly organized, bring structure to a busy day, care of all finery and a broad range of knowledge that permits you to be a leader to your team.

You will need to travel to the other properties to ensure same structure and cleanliness and be able to establish rotations and organization within.

Must have a clean unblemished background, your Driver's License and the flexibility and desire to bring yourself 100% to this post with the mindset of a long term commitment. People will be counting upon you so your dependable, trustworthy and reliable qualities will be valued greatly.
New York
Busy household with active professional principals requires a top-notch HANDS-ON, EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER to manage all things within their household, liaising and coordinating all vendors/staff members and coordinating schedules and rotations with Hampton's staff along with NYC staff. Arranging for contractors and maintenance and ensure that within a hands-on capacity you manage and care for the seamless oversight of all matters pertaining to a smooth running, pristine clean, museum quality household.

Inclusive of;
Laundry, One of a kind garment care, wardrobe care, seasonal rotation, ironing/steaming/pressing
Attention to stains - knowledge of Haute-couture garments in delicate management, basic/light mending
Packing and unpacking
Formal and Informal service, event planning and management
All respectful acknowledgement of valuable and rare items -museum quality cleaning and handling
Liaise with all vendors
All management of communication with business associates, maintenance, contractors and vendors, family & friends
Scheduling of meetings when necessary
Must be Dog friendly - walk on occasion, arrange Vet appointments, liaise with Dog Walker/Groomer, oversee administration of Meds when required (there is outside vendors for this but must be comfortable and non-allergic to dogs and completely comfortable around them)
Ability to reconcile expenses, seamlessly use the computer
Stocking and supplies, inventory management and accountability

Former high profile experience within a finely appointed home with upholding verifiable references
Valid Driver's Licence and submit to a Background Check


Looking for a special professional with former horticultural and top-notch decorative gardening experience within a waterfront estate caring for and planning gorgeous gardens, plantings, color schemes, pond + fountain care, creating paths and cutting gardens, decorative pruning and shaping, green house care and seedling care, long term planning of landscaping, organic vegetable gardens - total care and planning in keeping with the terrain and climate of the waterfront.
This is a ten+ acre estate. Care and maintenance of gardening equipment.
Please submit your resume and photos for consideration - must be legally able to work in the US



Caring for the well-being of this beautiful home all year. Looking for an excellent trustworthy competent and capable hands-on candidate with beautiful experience and the ability to assess any number of conditions that require assistance and care - whether it be snow-removal in the Winter season or a broken pipe and ensuring a Plumber arrive to the home and manages the care necessary....you must have a discerning and highly capable capacity to work on your own and ensure that all the maintenance and the clean upkeep and care is seen to at all times.

Your skills and the quality of your care must exhibit an extra level of good judgement, analyze what actions need to be taken, be a self-started and work extremely well on your own - during summer you will be surrounded by a team of support staff to assist you. You must also be an excellent problem solver and work well at caring for beautiful linens, laundry, all care of valuable furnishings and various art pieces. Summer's are busy and Winter is the time to ensure that all systems are thoroughly cleaned, maintained and cared for to make way for the busy summer months ahead...organizing the closets and storage spaces, stocking and supplies and polishing all surfaces, cleaning pantry, fridge, windows and all aspects of fine-tuning all areas in preparation of busy days/weeks and summer months ahead.
Must know how to manage the security system and close up the home properly upon the completion of your day.

Must Drive
Verifiable references
5+ Years direct care of a pristine property and home
Work extremely well on your own
Must have an unblemished character of being trustworthy, reliable, and the ability to work on your own with careful scheduling of your day, project oriented and have a sense of accomplishing deeds in the day.
You must circulate throughout the entire household to always ensure you are carefully monitoring all matters for your employer in the PERFECT care of their property and valuables.
NY - Manhattan
This is a post for evening cooking, kitchen clean-up and the turn-down service - staying overnight and leaving in the morning.

Looking for the stay-over evening shift coverage with respect to cooking a family-style simple meal on occasion, kitchen clean up, bed turn down, laundry, bathroom care to ensure cleanliness, and simply picking up and making areas tidy and clean.

This is a 5 evening a week shift
Former top level experience required
NY - Manhattan & Hamptons
We have several positions for experienced Housekeeper's fully apprised of all aspects of beautiful care within a finely appointed household. It is imperative that you have excellent skills and confidently support your abilities to perform the daily duties to ensure the following;

- Keep kitchen organized and clean - assist Chef if necessary
- Pack for vacations and business trips
- Organize wardrobes, closets and drawers
- Polish all surfaces and special attention to silver & marble surfaces and special finishes
- Care for precious and valuable glassware and china along with proper storage
- All the detailed deep-cleaning of the household
- Answer phone calls and take messages, receive packages
- Experienced and knowledgeable care around valuable items, antiques and art work
- Repair and mending of clothing and care of stains along with hand washing items, steaming and ironing
- Change sheets and re-making of beds with care for all linens, napkins, sheets and towels
- Perform all errands and shopping for family

Please specify within your cover letter if you are able to work weekends and are flexible to travel throughout the Summer months to the Hampton's property as many of the NYC family's ask for summer travel to their vacation home.

Additionally, please highlight if you have a valid Driver's License

We are looking for experienced professionals only with verifiable references in good standing.
Must be a team player with a "can-do" energized attitude.


New York
LIVE-OUT, BUTLER/HOUSEMAN/COOK - MANHATTAN A wonderful family requires the impeccable care of a discrete, energetic and highly skilled professional to oversee their home and bring their talent to caring for valuable appointments. There are three children so it is a busy household combined with activities, social scheduling and events, vendor relations, errands, ensuring that art and collections are cared for with the various professional vendors. You may be asked to cook on occasion so cooking skills a plus. There is an existing team of various staff to support your efforts and must be good at team building to ensure a harmonious work environment. Must be legal to work in the USA Must be highly adept at communication and correspondence, using a MAC, have a clean background and a valid Driver's License. Knowledge of haute couture wardrobes, reliable and trustworthy, organized, energetic, impeccable groomed and sincere about creating a healthy long term position for yourself to grow with the family for years to come. They are look into build trust and rely upon your insights and professionalism to ensure their home is running efficiently and securely.
HOUSEMAN - NYC (with some driving)
NY - Manhattan & Hamptons
HOUSEMAN with some DRIVING - NYC and to the Hampton's

Looking for a highly accomplished NYC Houseman and Driver who is fully apprised of the impeccable care required in driving for a family to ensure complete knowledge of key locations in the tri-state area inclusive of the Hampton's.

There will be down time within your day which will be used within the household to care for the changing of light bulbs, ensuring the area around the property is free of clutter/snow/debris, take out garbage, assist with some heavy lifting and all necessary assistance whether it be the light painting, helping pack something, heavy lifting and all care with respect to the assistance and order of cleanliness in all areas, stepping on ladders, physically assisting where possible and all care to be an extra-set of hands where you can pitch in.
Looking for an exceptionally skilled and energetic Houseman for a large home/prominent family.

The predominant quality that will make you stand out is an earnest CAN-DO approach which surpasses years of experience. A less experienced candidate who is honestly intent on bringing their enthusiasm and long term approach to growing within the job and with the family in their ever-changing demands is who we are looking for.

Must have all the proper US work documentation.

At least 4 years of relative experience coupled by mechanical/electrical/construction/plumbing sorts of hands-on knowledge and experience.

Valid Driver's License

A thorough background and referencing will be conducted.

Lady's Maid

New York
LIVE-IN LADIES MAID AND HEAD HOUSEKEEPER Looking for a highly experienced, discreet, right-arm ladies maid with all levels of attention centered around ensuring the complete care of wardrobes, jewelery and shoes, packing and unpacking for travel, documenting the items as they are used and returned from laundry and dry-cleaning. Ability to care for clothing in a manner of ensuring delicates are hand-washed, buttons sewn and pressed beautifully. Seasonal wardrobe care and cataloguing of valuable items. Oversee housekeepers and participate in the housekeeping in a hand-on manner as needed. Formal service, table setting, floral arranging and complete care of silver, china, linens. On occasion prepare a light breakfast or snack. Flawless table service - formal Attention to detail and discretion Experience within the same job duties Ability to Live-in Complete knowledge of formal care of valuables and finery and art, jewelry and one-of-a-kind designer gowns, couture garment care. Verifiable references and ability to work in the US


We are looking for a highly skilled Laundress with former experience to take care of a valuable wardrobe, pressing, hand washing, some repair, storage, organizing closets, packing and un-packing suitcases, caring for dry-cleaning, inventory of items, seasonal rotation, overseeing two locations of closets and contents. We prefer if you have used organic products in your past job and are familiar with the various products. We are negotiable on your salary. Please send a resume. Compensation: Depending upon experience
This is a small and lovely low key family looking for a conscientious housekeeper who truly takes pride in their work and being within a family for a long term relationship. The family is looking for an excellent housekeeper who will completely care for their daily needs in every regard inclusive of laundry + ironing, making of beds and wardrobe care, dusting, beautiful cleaning and polishing care of their antiques + art in addition to running errands, shopping and doing some light cooking ( they truly are looking for simple family meals that are healthy and wholesome....NOT being a chef nor cooking for entertaining or events) Serving and clearing dinner on the evenings you cook. Must be able to see yourself within their household for a long term commitment based upon discretion, loyalty and trust with an excellent work ethic and a determination to be thorough in your tasks. The family explains that they enjoy their home and their private time and want to come home from their busy day into a freshened clean home and a simple dinner. HOURS; MON - FRIDAY, 11am - 7:30pm (may go a bit later if needed) 5 years direct experience with excellent references and looking for candidates within ready commute to NYC as this is LIVE-OUT. All proper paperwork to support your USA work eligibility. A background check will be conducted.
Top Laundress – London Notting Hill with International Travel
Experienced, stellar ‘White Glove’ Laundress required to join a formal fully-staffed household on a full-time basis. May be asked to travel a few months a year to our International Clients’ other properties in France.


• Top expert white glove laundress with the highest standards of detail and cleaning
• Must be highly organized
• Should have expertise in fine laundry (caring for the finest delicate baby cashmeres, silks, haute couture, special fabrics and linens, including hand washing & ironing expertise)
• Arranging for dry cleaning and itemisation, organisation & tracking of wardrobe
• Washing, ironing, steaming
• Altering and mending various garments
• Organising wardrobe according to season
• Maintaining an inventory of wardrobe, linens, beddings and towels
• May have some care of Master Suite environment, wardrobe, closet, packing/unpacking etc., including maintaining the fine styling of the home and “everything in its place”.
• Maintaining a constant high standard of closet organisation and keeping a full stock of items such as hangers, drawer organisers, shoe trees, etc.
• ·Takes directions from the House Manager and team player with the other housekeepers
• Flexible to travel
• A plus to have experience with large fully-staffed homes & homes with babies and young children

The ideal candidate will be someone who is experienced and worked in a similar setting and has an excellent verbal and written English. You must be a refined disposition with an eye for detail and care for the fine details.

You will be able to take direction but also have lots initiative to work on your own and take pride in your work; have outstanding organisational and time management skills as well as the ability to multitask.

Must exude extreme professionalism. Extremely discreet, quiet and mindful of the family privacy.

Languages: Fluent in English verbal & Written.

Working Days: Monday-Friday
Start ASAP
Salary: Competitive

Major Domo

A diverse real estate portfolio with three large compounds requires the skilled, experienced oversight of a highly regarded Major Domo who in a hands-on manner of great staff training has the ability to establish routines, schedules, protocol and smooth-running operations on a daily basis. This is a very socially active household with extravagant engagements drawing guests from all over the world. You must be brilliant in finessing the seamless almost invisible mechanics of ensuring that everything runs smoothly at top notch levels of service. Additionally. the family requires a thoroughly experienced professional with an expert level of overseeing and liaising with major art dealers, curators, insurance, movers and art installation tradesmen. This is a post where all aspects of the appointments within the various properties is at a museum level of quality and in such the respect considerations in care must be without falter.There are layers of staff that require a clear description of what is expected of them in their job duties and their daily conduct and structure. Staff retention is of major importance to the principal and they will look to you for efficient staff management, training, guidance and instilling a "can-do" team player approach to all daily tasks. There will be formal service requirements and ensuring all aspects of this care is guided to perfection.It is essential to the success of the post to be a hands-on participant within the daily operations and in such lead by example. you will be required to move between Hampton's, NYC and Westchester, ensuring a standard manual of inventory and structure. Manage all events, vendors, logistics, problem solving and also care for budgets and running expenses.


Manhattan & International
This small professional family is looking for a very NYC savvy, energetic, extremely mindful and thorough Nanny/Young Teen companion and mentor really, to set guidelines and establish social awareness and boundaries. The parents are keenly looking for a great role model for their young sons who will set guidelines and impress good values of respect, follow-through, cleanliness, discipline and remind them of their obligations of maintaining cleanliness and tidy rooms and completing homework and projects.

There is too much phone time so this needs to be gently but firmly monitored to establish healthy parameters with usage and diverting attention toward constructive interests.

Candidates must be free to travel internationally on all major holidays and be very plugged in to the social and cultural aspects of being within NYC - engaging the children in all activities of cultural, social, board games, play dates, scheduling and athletic interests.

Looking for an active candidate who loves cooking and will actively participate in getting the children ready in the morning to get to school, ensuring school-work in completed and correct, tidying up their rooms and laundry, family errands while they are at school and preparing snacks and a light dinner on occasion.

There is a little dog that will require your attention to zip him out for a walk as well.

This really is a full-on Nanny and Family Assistant post looking for a can-do happy bright candidate who meshes within the fabric of this high-active good family and wants to be their trusted right-arm reliable assistant caring for them in areas of filling the gaps and voids in their busy days.

Please know when applying;
-You must be able to live-in from Sunday night to Friday
-You will be expected to travel internationally so valid passport at the ready
-Must be very structured in your care of young teens so as to instill values and gentle firm disciple and social consciousness/awareness.
-Love to cook
-Want to immerse yourself within this fabulous fun and energized active family
-Love dogs
-Must be NYC savvy and plugged in to all the various activities
Requiring an excellent reliable and trustworthy professional with nothing less than 5 years direct experience caring for 2 infants ages; 1 & 2.5 years.

You must be very caring and capable to manage the focused care required for these active growing and learning little tots. The family asks that you manage the complete oversight of their toddlers to ensure their safety and their well-being at all times. It is important to the family that you engage the children in active learning and educational activities to enhance their awareness.

In addition you will be asked to oversee that daily care of the children in respect to tidying, cleanliness, bathing, changing diapers, instilling subtle learning techniques and monitoring their growth and learning. Running errands, preparing baby/infant meals, light laundry all relative to the children.

Must know how to swim and have a valid CPR, First Aid Certificate and a valid CLEAN Driver's License.

Must have excellent verifiable references and be completely trustworthy and caring.
This wonderful family is looking for an energetic nanny who is actively engaged with the children; a 3 year old and a 2 year old and a 13 year old.

It is an active household, especially on the weekends with many activities and it is important to find the right person who really enjoys creating fun activities which are both educational and establish social and moral lessons toward child development. The parents are intent on keeping the young teenager engaged in active pursuits rather than social media and electronic devices so ensuring creative activities and outings is essential. Your ability to plan trips to places of interest, art, swimming, snow-skiing, all sports will be a great advantage.
Must be able to swim.

Important that you know Greenwich and area with verifiable referencing from local family's. You must feel comfortable driving to activities and scheduling and ensuring all aspects of infant and teenage care. There is a pool within the household so yo must be extra vigilant when it comes to infant care and monitoring children around water. Must have your current and updated CPR and Infant First Aid and a complete comfort with swimming, water safety and attentive care.

You will be asked to run errands and shopping along with tidying up after the children, do laundry and cook light meals.

You must have a clean Driving License and comfortable with ensuring the safe transport of infants.


The principal is looking for a thorough and attentive professional to be responsible for the day-to-day care of ensuring the home is perfectly clean, laundry/ironing,wardrobe care, cooking and securing supplies and inventory, running errands, answering phone, greeting guests, overseeing vendors for light maintenance, managing petty cash, personal shopping and gift buying...essentially being the right arm "everything" for a very busy employer. Top-notch housekeeping skills with an eye for detail and ensuring that all aspects of the household are always in perfectly clean order. All duties in a hands-on manner inclusive of laundry, changing and making beds, dry-cleaning and wardrobe care. Must have excellent references, background check will be conducted. Driver's License required Must have solid hands-on housekeeping and cooking skills and computer proficient and excellent communication skills. 
Private Valet & Flight Attendant position:

Working for an International private family that own several aircrafts.

Candidates must be based in or around NYC, and must already be employed in the deluxe hospitality industry, preferably as a: Cabin Attendant, Steward, Butler, Guest Service Manager or Valet in: luxury world-class hotels, Ambassadorial residences, respected private households or onboard private aircraft or yachts.

Family has multiple properties in the USA and Europe.
Candidates will have an innate eye for detail, will enjoy travelling and working in busy, sometimes frenetic high-speed work environments. They should also love taking the necessary time to do jobs properly, but will similarly be able to speed things up, to achieve the right result when time is severely limited!

Candidates must:
o live in NYC area and will be free to travel with the family on trips as and when required.
o be organized, great communicators, and show they are adaptable, sometimes at short notice, to demanding situations.
o be discreet, honest, conscientious, hard-working, cheerful and come with a positive personality.
o be happy to undertake all manner of jobs and tasks with enthusiasm and energy.
o offer excellent checkable references
o be able to travel at short notice and must enjoy working in a fast paced work environment

o responsible for packing and unpacking luggage including transfer of luggage between households, hotels, yachts and to and from aircrafts.
o coordination with the client’s household and Private office assistants and Travel Agency on the requirements for upcoming trips.
o coordination with flight crew, hotel staff, household staff etc.
o coordination of Principals transfers to and from aircraft (with Aviation dispatch / Travel Agency)

Trips & Anticipated travel dates would include:

Christmas/ NYE - 2 weeks
February – one week
March School Break- 2 weeks
Summer- 5/6 weeks
November/Thanksgiving- 4 /5 days
(Additional 2-3 trips – sometimes with short notice)

Please note that these dates are only indicative and not intended to limit valet required trips on other dates.

Accommodations with crew when not needed to be closer to the Family.

Salary: $100K USD DOE for someone that holds relevant experience
Candidates must drive and live or relocate to NYC/tri-state area.
NY - International
This International business man requires a Personal Trainer & Security person to provide daily care to manage a routine of exercise along with working closely with the Nutritionist to monitor caloric intake and dietary adjustments along with ensuring timely administration of medication; this will also require that you are aware of dosage, supply/ordering, planning for travel. Additionally, you must be actively aware when accompanying the principal on travel and during leisure time to keep a constant and mindful barrier of awareness at all times. You will be one of a team of staff working in tandem with scheduling and duties for round the clock coverage. Flexibility and team compatibility is essential.

This is a highly active person with an extremely demanding and busy life & lifestyle - you must exhibit your ability to create a work-out regimen that accommodates travel and being on the go. In part you will be asked to accompany on ski trips at an expert level, fishing and outdoor activities and then accompany alongside to high-profile business meetings and travel.

You will be liaising with the executive office, the personal assistant, chauffeur, estate managers, nutritionists and physicians to coordinate efforts for seamless care.

It is important to demonstrate your ability to create a tailor-to-suit work-out/training schedule, former adherence to medical needs of a principal, international travel and the flexibility to adapt between multiple cultures and environments, former top level executive security experience, skier, swim and full knowledge of First Aid/CPR ( credentials and experience in this realm a plus)

Valid US Passport
Languages a plus
Clean verifiable record on all fronts - extensive background review will be conducted
Driving required and Defensive/Protective Driving a plus

Completely flexible to travel, to work weekends and holidays as needed

Personal Assistant

West Village
Are you a QUICKEN expert?? Are you resourceful, dependable, trustworthy? This dynamic highly active couple is looking to find someone for a long term relationship within their household and family to fully augment their very hectic lifestyle. Applicant must be eligible to work in the US and have a strong work ethic and problem solving abilities. This is a perfect family for a Personal Assistant/ House Manager wishing to build a longstanding, growing and evolving relationship with a family looking to rely on you and build trust for the long term. FORMER EXPERIENCE WITHIN A FORMAL HOME IS REQUIRED - supported by your resume. You will be responsible to monitor in QUICKEN the household finances and generate reports that are itemized and give projections of operating costs as they ramp up. You must have a chic affinity for all aspects of organizing, research, providing the answer to various needs; sourcing a specific item-best pricing-pros/cons and discover the best solution to any number of variables put to you. The family wishes to simply leave things to you! Event planning, extensive travel arrangements/calendaring and scheduling, home renovations + care, budgets, computer and technical care, shopping, stocking and inventory, insurance, RFP-RFB, etc..any number of tasks. Must possess a true NYC affinity for all the latest and best things and have exceptional vendor relations for everything - just know who to call to get things done without having to be coached or prodded along...there is no hand holding in this post and oftentimes you will be left alone to manage things in their absence. The family would prefer that you have a very technical and mechanical ability so you can personally troubleshoot problems yourself without relying upon outside vendor assistance.Must have stellar references, College degree required, must be hands on and have the ability to step up to complete any task, honest, trustworthy, impeccable grooming, know your designers + shoppes, be energetic and forthright! Additionally, must be in a mind of domestic service in knowing organically what boundaries are unspoken and acceptable. Your hours will be Monday through Friday 10:00am-6:00pm compensation: $85,000+ h/c
New York
Extremely busy businesswoman of this prominent philanthropic couple requires a true right-arm/extension of herself to perform all administrative tasks to cull through emails, schedule appointments/meetings and make travel arrangements, prioritize tasks, orchestrate daily operations around the busyness of multiple demands all while monitoring the daily running of the household to ensure errands are run, stocking and supplies are ordered and liaise with the trusted long term housekeepers to ensure all aspects are cared for within the museum-quality household.

Balance, prioritize, organize, planning, multi-task, coordinate appointments, liaise with outside professionals and vendors/contractors....there is a stream of consciousness which is ultra-important to be in synchronicity with in order to fully adapt to the way in which your care is fully required. The days are extremely FULL with the need to wear many hats and maintain a poised calm countenance in managing multiple duties while interacting with Board Members/Trustees/Curators and various business people. As a direct consequence of being within such a fast paced, hectic, high-profile and demanding day you must be determined and focused and extremely flexible in your ability to multi-task, think outside of the box and quickly problem solve, retain information, prioritize multiple requests with the retention to advance projects toward job completion.

It is evident that this is a demanding post for someone with tiptop skills and the flexibility and ability to be preemptive as you get into stride with this dynamic, kind-spirited, powerhouse of a lady who is a force unto herself in her capacity to get things done and take on the tasks and ensuring perfection at a very high standard of excellence.

Your ability to respond to emails in a refined and proper timely manner, social calendaring and making arrangements for social engagements and events, overseeing the daily needs of the household as items need to be restocked and replenished, running errands and doing personal shopping, picking up items from the grocery store, picking up & returning items to various stores/designers, engaging architects/designers/tradesmen/accountants/curators and insurance brokers in addition to the executive office staff and maintain a running log of various timelines & scheduling with punch lists and the fulfillment of duties.

Your knowledge of fine art, event organizing, social calendaring, making travel arrangements and simply being at the height of your abilities when assisting a prominent household to run efficiently is key. There is a lot of coordination and organization required within this post to adequately and fully ensure your happiness and successful outcome for the long term. This is a wonderful household and a great job for a true Assistant.

Preferred Fine Arts knowledge, excellent computer and technical skills, willingness to be of assistance to help the day run smoothly, cheery countenance, energetic ...looking for a long term position where you create structure and truly become the much-needed indispensable right arm assistant.
This fast paced, prominent office requires a right arm Assistant to the Personal Assistant to the CEO.

Within this support role you must be extra vigilant in being pro-active, anticipate needs before they arise and manage in a highly organized manner, all the files,
scheduling, be preemptive and monitor all contacts and research in preparation for top tier political and philanthropic concerns in a far-reaching capacity of being spot-on.

It will be imperative that you get into step with the PA to support all matters in keeping with daily operations of a very busy CEO. Changing gears and multi-tasking throughout the day.

Ideally the candidate will have former PA experience with a Business/Economics Degree and exhibits a resourcefulness that evidences a full familiarity with New York City, great contacts and aware of key civic issues. Your ability to perform in depth research, generate reports of your finding and support the daily rigorous scheduling in a timely, discreet, thorough accurate manner is tantamount to your success as part of the team.


Three teenage children for a busy family require a Live-in Companion, Tutor, Mentor, Social Calendaring PA to bring organizational skills, patience, mentoring qualities to this busy household - there are numerous sporting and outdoor activities along with cultural interests and all school work, homework, reports and keeping up with their activities and social calendaring. With three to mind you will need to be very thorough, energetic and efficient in your care and oversight to ensure all aspects are cared for at all times.

Arriving at noon on Friday through the entire weekend....you will be live-out unless the parents are traveling at which time you will be required to stay over and mind their complete care and security and always ensure they have their lessons completed. APPLICANTS MUST BE PREPARED TO WORK EVERY WEEKEND!

Must be legal to work in the US
Must have verifiable references from a New York City family - looking for reliable long term work history within a high profile home and evidencing that you are very plugged in to the NYC social/cultural/activity events and fully familiar with all aspects of mindful unwavering reliable care. A thorough background check will be conducted and your references will all be checked thoroughly.
Education degree a plus and familiarization with respect to teen year scholastic requirements essential as the family will want for you to seamlessly assist with problem solving, homework and projects and correct errors they are making to educate them/instruct them in grasping concepts.


This is a prestigious position for the right 'fit'. Your employer is a Global businessman with a small family.
Your focus will be to streamline the daily activities in all aspects of his life. Some of the tasks are mundane and tedious while other aspects are demanding and fun filled. No matter what the day holds it will be a great adventure internationally aboard their yacht, private jets or preparing their arrival to one of their many homes around the world. You'll need to rapidly establish vendor relations and get your finger on the cultural and social pulse. This is a hip young businessman who enjoys being a part of the newest openings; shops, galleries, restaurants, clubs. He'll expect for you to prepare for his arrival in a seamless manner of being his liaison, establishing repoire with the finest involvements in a poised, confidential and highly discrete manner that best represents him. You'll interact with dignitaries, celebrity and business leaders of multi cultures. The family will look to you for smooth running operations. You really will be a combination of many titles in your job duties; Valet, Concierge, Attache, Personal Assistant and, "Go-to" person. Applicant must have a US Passport Must be able to travel freely, unencumbered- you'll be on the go all the time. Qualities that will make you stand out as an ideal Candidate are, well traveled, appreciation for finery, poised, pro-active, team player, energetic and congenial yet very discrete, multiple languages a plus, educated and able to know what needs to be done-well ahead of having to be asked.