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Within this position you will be responsible for the preparation of a healthy breakfast that is healthy and organic in a creative, visually pleasing manner utilizing pure ingredients with attention to the delivery of the greatest amount of nutrition possible. Your awareness of a diverse repertoire in keeping with a broad range of dietary preferences really without restriction and exclusive procurement of great ingredients is necessary. This is a COOK & SOUS CHEF post rather than a Chef so it is understood that you are not necessarily culinary trained. You must be able to seamlessly use a computer and follow detailed instructions to perfection. Throughout your day you will be fulfilling the stocking and inventory, grocery shopping, ordering supplies, running errands for the chef, anticipating the preparation of items for the Chef and assisting with all prep required to streamline his needs for the preparation of Lunch and Dinner. This may at times be for small and intimate meals where there are few people to large and extremely busy, demanding affairs that really require that you pitch in as a team-player to ensure the follow through of exact requests. Should you wish to be considered please organize your submission packet to include plating images as we will want to see that you have a true affinity to be in this support capacity to the lead Head Chef.

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