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Housekeeper/Cook LIVE IN, Bridgehampton Family based in Manhattan but who regularly use their Bridgehampton home are seeking a capable, reliable person who can care for their beautiful home when they are not in residence and prepare healthy appealing meals when they travel out east. We are looking for a person who has had at least five years cooking experience and specializes in using local seasonal produce to make delicious, light meals. We have two boys, 15 and 8 with healthy appetites, a dog with a sensitive stomach and chickens who need care but give us delicious eggs. Also, a vegetable garden tended by our caretaker. We would bring a housekeeper with us when we visit the Bridgehampton house so that the successful applicant can concentrate on cooking when the family visits. The applicant must have a clean driving license and a good knowledge of the local area. Thisis a full-time position and days off are typically Tuesday and Wednesday. You must always ·be available to work when the family visit. Main tasks would be taking care of the house, generally cleaning throughout, cooking, baking, food and supply shopping. Attention to detail is important, flower arrangements and good laundry skills. From the time of Memorial Day through to Labor Day we would request that novacation be taken, unless absolutely necessary. Three weeks paid vacation, Health care coverage, 50/50 share of the cost and 401k eligible after 1 year.

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