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This lovely family with long term employees is looking for a Chef to be based in London. Your ability to Live-in is an option to you should you require this accommodation. This small prominent family with grown children has an active Summer enjoyment during their stay at the Hampton's home during the months of June, July and August where you will be asked to prepare 3 meals a day and chef for their busy social and entertaining at this time. Otherwise their daily requirements while in London are at a slower pace of VERY healthy meal preparations for 2 meals a day. The diet and preferences is in keeping with clean and healthy and NO RED MEAT, no butter and no sauces....all meals are clean and healthy and always organic as can be selected. The 2 adult children are into their own life and out of the household but of course visit from time to time and pretty much share a similar preference dietary wise. Must have excellent provisioning capacity, excellent resources for all exquisite/healthy/organic and bio-dynamic ingredients and menu planning ensuring that a very high level of food preparation is achieved. Must be experienced within high profile households, must have the ability to legally work in the UK and the USA. Must have your driver's license and it would be a plus to be familiar with both London and the Hampton's.

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