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TRAVELING CHEF This is a special post which requires someone who is completely dedicated to their work and travel. You must have this commitment as you will be stationed in the Middle East as your base and from this as a pivotal point you will be required to travel in pre-arrival set up to any number of locations; NYC, South of France, Switzerland, London, Long Island. You will need to be resourceful in your sourcing, flexible in your ability to accommodate an ever-changing guest list, pay attention to special dietary considerations of international diplomats and a VIP guest. The locations are all finely appointed in every regard of perfect chef equipment and appliances with support staff to assist in all prep, serving and clean-up. You must be resourceful as some of the locations become tricky to secure the necessary supplies and ingredients while other areas are flush with excellent spices, herbs and ingredients - so, provisioning will perhaps complicate things and your ability to anticipate sourcing ingredients will be a great asset. Your accommodation and all work related travel is covered within your Employee Package. The family loves food and look for eye appeal in plating and exquisite flavors. They are adventurous in their style and greatly appreciate the refined skills of a talented chef. It is important always to be a team player as there is a large staff in addition to fully respecting the unspoken boundaries that exist when interacting with family members. A thorough background check will be conducted with verifiable references. We ask in preparation of your application you ensure you have organized your file of plating images, your letters of recommendation and submit by way of an up to date resume with a business casual photo of yourself please. The Chief of Staff is reviewing for immediate forward momentum toward filling this position.

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