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TRAVELING HOUSEKEEPER - NOTE** WEEKENDS AND TRAVEL REQUIRED!! There is an existing team of housekeepers within this prominent large townhouse - the team all gets along and has achieved a great happy balance with using the various strengths of each staff member to achieve the best outcome. Based upon the high level of coverage and the care required by the family it is determined that another housekeeping professional is required to add to the existing team. The outline for the necessary skills you require will be the finishing piece to this cohesive unit for round the clock coverage. >You will require a great eye for care and detail of exquisite, rare and valuable items throughout the home >You must be flexible to travel to additional locations >Weekend coverage is required (there is a full team so the Estate Manager establishes a very fair rotation between all the housekeepers so you all equally participate in necessary coverage) >The family is very low key and calm - you will be a great part of the team if you are confident in your abilities and possess excellent skills to add to the team. >Full awareness of silver, china, glassware, antique and art care >Know the boundaries, work toward job completion, be reliable and trustworthy with excellent references and former experience. Please send us your resume so we may meet.

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