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NANNY - 5 NIGHT LIVE-IN, for two children, ages 8 & 14. THIS IS A MUST FILL POST Looking for a totally flexible and energetic candidate with a great capacity to educate the children with activities and busy time that is educational and experiencing all the many aspects of NYC culturally and activities and events. Your ability to be active and athletic to keep up and engage the children is imperative to your overall success as the children are inquisitive and curious and love to be involved in special events of interest. You will also be required to mentor and discipline and set boundaries and special aspects of teaching manners and consideration for others. Requirements: -Must be able to live in from Sunday (5-6pm) - Friday (5-6pm); off on weekends -Must be able to travel with the family, domestic & international, especially during weekends & on holidays -Must have at least 5 years of nanny experience working with school aged kids, including live-in experience -Excellent communication skills -Team player Responsibilities include, but not limited to the following: -getting the 2 children ready for school -school & extra curricular activities drop offs and pick ups -organize after school classes, play dates & birthday parties; schedule doctors appointments (often done with or by parents) -light cleaning of kids bedrooms, bathrooms & play areas -kids laundry & ironing -breakfast duties for the family -miscellaneous errands for the kids & household -organizing kids closets & playroom -packing & unpacking for kids when they travel -shopping for kids shoes & clothes Private bedroom with bathroom provided (housekeeper sleeps in the room on weekends). All meals provided. Hours are determined by the kids schedule. Your day starts when the kids are up and the morning, until they are put to bed. Breaks are given during the day (approx 2 hrs daily).

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