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CHEF - RAW DIET, Healthy, Clean with JUICING This wonderful family is committed to a raw healthy organic diet and requires a Chef to make dinner Monday through Friday....arriving their home at 10:00/11:00am to begin the day. Looking for a creative and highly inspired talent who brings great flavors and beauty to mixing up their daily raw regimen - having switched from a very heavy diet with many sauces, multi-course meals the transition to raw has been a revelation of health, increased focus and lightness...your job will be to keep this level of intrigue and captivate the family with your creative ingenuity. The diet is not totally raw but emphasis on health and organic and clean with incredible flavors. Juicing is another significant enjoyment. Your aptitude and strength in understanding micro-green, bio-dynamic greens and herbs, how various combinations benefit the body and de-toxify naturally will be a huge plus. Must love what you do and understand the significance of how important it is to your employer in their embrace of this diet for their life and lifestyle. Your desire to educate, bring about health and enjoyment in what you provide for the family is have to love being part of this commitment and always prepared to make it great, fresh and healthy! Clean verifiable background and full capacity to be this healthy minded person....they would love if you stayed for a long long time!

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